Monday, July 19, 2010

que te pasa locos!!!

como estai kaka whanau!! fa how have you black maoris been ae??? bahahahaha i miss you guys so much i dont think the absence thing ever gets better cuz it still kills me...but its all good...opposition in all things has only strengthen the love that i have for you guys and made me realize how much you guys really do mean to everything ae..its made me so grateful for the things that i at times took for granted, things that soooo many people dont have and im just soooo blessed for you all...i love and miss you guys so much... i hope that everything is going well for you guys ae....had a blast reading your letters fa you guys are a bunch of crackup cats!! tu meke!

Elder kanahele is doing alright ae...I still keep in touch with all the boys too...wes, justyn, tima, matt, kohl, and jerrik so its a crackup hearing all of their experiences. but yeah....i don’t know if you guys got the new medicine batch yet...ive had my box for two weeks just to let you guys don’t have to send me a whole box with stuff just cuz i need the medicine....for real’s its all good...just send me the medicine no mas ya! that’s the most important hahahah but yeah family.

For me this week its been a tough one ae...the missions always got crap flying at you and i can’t even begin to explain how much I’ve learnt in the little time that I’ve been here..i think one of the biggest things that I’ve been able to learn here in the mission apart from the biggest topic that is incomprehensible- our savior, who he is, what he’s done for us and what he desires of us is I’ve come to learn more about myself....who i am, my strengths and my weakness..the things that i do well and the areas that i need to improve ... the priceless value of self control..I’ve learnt to live the moment and not for the moment....that there’s no tomorrow, that today is the day and we need to give all that we´ve got, put it all on the table and improve where its this weeks been one of the hardest of got to say hahahaha bringing its new challenges...i don’t think I’ve ever had such a hard week before in the mission but this one was brutal....this past week for some reason we weren’t able to do nothing...none of our appointments were home...our two investigator are on vacation and all our references just lost all interest in wanting to listen to everything we had planned for this week for 8 hours every day for seven days week had fallen through and we´ve just been soooooo disappointed...there’s nothing more crappier than having no lessons to teach at all and that’s exactly what happened to us this past week.. so we just knocked and knocked doors...i swear we’ve knocked hundreds and hundreds of doors and not one person wanted to listen to its been a huge test of faith, but last night when we got home i just went in our room and had the meanest prayer ae..I’ve never been so down in my whole entire mission so i just poured out my heart to the lord to help us, to help me, and to strengthen our faith so we will be guided to know what we can do...and nothing huge happened you know like no miracles happened but in that moment there was no doubt, and i felt the sweet sense of peace that the lord has ready for all of us as we exercise our faith in yeah received some tight personal revelation as i pondered on it for a while and me and my companion know what we have to do...we set goals and made planes to help us with our weakness that we have individually and as a companionship and i know that as we can purify our selves, being obedient with exactness, doing the things that we know we need to do the lord is bound to do his part you there’s where we are at as of now...we don’t have to much things happening but our faith is stronger as ever and i know that this work is of the lord. this gospel is his for the benefit of us...Christ lives and there’s no other way to be happy in this life or in the next without purifying ourselves, and becoming better each day..the mission has set a living pattern that is priceless...the self control that I’ve been able to gain thru my understanding of the atonement to do things with exactness is what i am so grateful for...I’m so grateful to be a servant of the lord and to be sharing the gospel with his children in this part of his i love you guys so much...mum go hard in your masters course girl you’re a strong lady ae and that’s something I’ve always admire about you mum.. get those papers done for the house ae so its all done by the time i get home k bahahaha and please get my medicine to me on time k!!! hahaha shot mum i love you so much...and don’t tell lia but i feel bad...I’ll make sure to get her something...won’t be anytime soon but ill hook her up k.....i love you mum...sole dad keep going hard in your calling bro....keep being real bro...that’s the only way bro for reals....can’t hide what missionary work really is so keep going hard in that ae bro...i want you to know ae bro that i love you grateful for raising our family in the gospel....ash!! sole what’s that new movie you got? Sounds like a good one bro but ash sole i love you my little brother keep being a good boy k bro and keep developing your talents dog... i love you my little brother....lia! sorry i don’t have to much time left but i just want you to know that i love you so much my little sweet heart...i don’t know why but i always tear up when i read your part of the letters hahahaha for real’s i think its cuz i love you the most!!! bahahahaha dont tell anyone k! but keep being a good girl k lia and always surround yourself with good company. i love you lia....send my love to grandma. let her know that i love her so much k....hori boy!!! sole you sound like the man already bro for real’s going Japan already??? woiya sole keep going hard in all that you do...ive always admired that about you bro..your determination to always finish what you start or to always be the best in what you do....keep going hard in all that you do dog and perfect yourself bro you’re the man already so keep going a good boy and tell mona i said hi!! baahahahah i love you brother!!! with all my heart and soul...but i ll talk to you guys next week family!!!! love you guys so much!!!! Elder kanahele is all good so don’t worry about it!!!! chaito mis vatos!!! with all my love

Elder kaka kanahele

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