Monday, July 5, 2010

sup family!!!

lol im glad that you guys like the videos!! haha ill make sure to make some every week now k...i wasnt able to do one this week cuz its just been a little bit crazy...but yeah i weighed myself again this morning and i weighed in at 205 so yeah fat bugger ae!!! lol my clothes are geting alittle tight but its all good. im not getting fat..its just i think im just growing still cuz i dont look fat when i look at myself and if its a good day i can still see all of my abs!!! bahahaha just trying to justify ae!! shorry bout it....but yeah this week nothings happened okay well i didnt want to tell you but theres nothing else i can write...well we havent done anything this week because ive been sick as a im just jacked up tonsals just swelling up like usuall so the doctor told me to buy some omoxciclin so we did that but i didnt tell him that im already on a nother medication so what happened was that ive been taking both you know the omoxcicyln and the other one that you guys send me and i havent been able to eat because my throat hurts like crazy so ive just been feeling wierd as ae and ive had the meanest diaria craps like crazy,, like a fire hydrant coming out of my muli and just feeling like crap so i call the doctor up again and i tell him that im on something else as well and he was like what is it called and i told him the name and he was like oh dont use both of them cuz you´ll have diaria!! bahahaha i was so mad ae!! lol but yeah ive just been wasted for the past few days...havent been able to leave the house but feeling all good now...i think i didnt eat for like two days or something so yeah was pretty bad...but feeling on top of the world now...but throughout these past days i got to admit my companions been the like 3 weeks ago he got sick and this is when he was bugging me like crazy so i thought that he was just being a little girl and didnt wanna work you know,,so i didnt do anything for him...i just studied while he slept you know i dont know why but i just didnt do anything for him...but these past few days hes done everything for me..i couldnt go to sleep a few nights ago and i was just dying and my man got up with out me saying anything got dresed in his church clothes and gave me a blessing...he's been cleaning up the house and all,, he knows that i cant eat anything so hes been making me like smoothies...bought my medicine, and hes just always asking me how i am and what he can do to help me...fa hes been the man ae just so grateful for all that hes done for me this past cant just judge people ae...thats something that ive come to realize this past week..nobodys perfect..and thats why we are here to learn and improve each day... i feel so bad that i treated him the way i i didnt do anything bad but i havent gone out of my way to do anything good either and we just need to always be mindful of that...but yeah that was my week...ready for this upcoming one to get right back into hahaha just want you to know ae that im focused as ever. like theres no other place id rather be right now than here. i love missionary work and i honestly cant see my life being any different!!! i love the life of challenges ae...its so crackup because everyday is a battle but everyday is also a so greatful for this time that i have to be here in chile serving the lord. i love our savior Jesue Christ and this gospel that he has given us. mum and dad i love you guys so much...crazy ae how its ben 8 months already ae...i know times just flying so ive been going good to hear from you guys and the haps with this pass week...i mis you guys heaps ae..must of been cool as a pops to see your comp and that family...they must trip out that you have your own son serving a mission...getting old ae bro!! hahaha sorry bout it...but yeah mum dont you worry about me ae im doing good as now...ill make sure to make some videos every week now sole im so proud of you bro...keep going hard in all that you do...learn all that you can and keep lifting bro...hows your samoan coming along bro? fa thats crack up bro...i cant see you doing that ae...what have u learnt so far? the whole samoan section or just a fewo f the numbers? doesnt mater bro just keep lifting and they´ll always line you up to work! has it been fun as bro? fa im not going to lie ae but i miss it you got alot of good examples around you bro so learn what you can from them..but yeah you need to read your scriptures ae bro..i love them ae bro..since of been here on the mission ive read it three times already and im just starting to read them in spanish now but its the meanest book in the world bro...the key stone to our religion and missionary work cant be done with out it...sole i miss you tho bro.. i love you heaps ae...keep going hard my brother and be that good example that yourve always been..ash bro how you been my little brother? you see me talking to those litttle vatos in my movie!?? crackup ae bro...fa you write like you kelly slater world champ of surfing! hahah i imagine that yourve gotten alot better though ae bro...sole go hard this summer bro. do all that you can do to better yourself bro..your one talented brother ae bro so keep going hard and learn all that you can..i miss you heaps bro and i crackup everytime i read your letters just one funny guy but take care of your sister k and do your pushups..i love you ash...lia you furukake!!! lol why you only write me one line for?? lol na just jokes ae...but those pics i saw last week when you guys were at waimea, looks so beautiful..hows your summer been? being a surf bum? lol just as long as you vacuum ya!! hahaha no but i miss you heaps lia...i love you so much and im doing good ae..going hard and represting the a good girl and listen to mum and dad k...tell grams that i love her so much and i miss her heaps to...but yeah times come to an end. i want you all to know how much i love you guys!! i miss you guys so much but im all good here going hard everyday. lets better ourselves every day in our savior jesus christ. i love you family...peace!!

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