Monday, July 12, 2010

Whats up family!!!!!

como estamos you furukakes!?? lol bahahaha what a crackup pops you but your right bro thats true doctrine ae! hahaha fa thats a good one bro ive missed that hurmor hard but i hope you dont post this up on my blog ae! hahaha you ounce! but ive been good ae was awesome as ae reading the letter this week..always brings my spirits up for the upcoming week..but first off i got the box!!! lol ive had it for one week now so just so you guys can get the days down good to get my medication to me ae!! hahaha shot my next box if you guys can get me somemore face wash...the blue bottle wash thing from nutrugena i think...and also some like facial some lotion i can use on my face that isnt too oily you know and some pair of socks please! i feel kinda like one fwam listing things that i need its just things that are kind of hard to find here ae so thanks family.. i think today im going to need to take some money out to so just to let you guys know...ive run out moneys hahaha so kinda poor right now! lol but yeah sounds like you guys had a great week...sounds like sacrament was realy good and up lifting!!! bahaha dumb bungas!!! fa they never change ae...the funny thing is that its the same thing here alot of people here in chile are like new converts like its hard to find anybody here brought up in the church so you always get your wierd talks gaurantee every sunday! bahahaha the most funny one is the fast sundays bro....its always a rough one ae having your investigators in church and one of the brothers goes up on the pulpit and starts yelling at the congregation for not coming to the chapel saturday to clean! bahahaha or the sister that goes up and talks about how she prays to joseph smith!! bahahaha all kinds of crap but just gotta love it for the books!!! hahaha but yeah this week was a good one for us...something we were thinking about is how nobody mentions before the mission how hard it is to actually find peole you know. lol like thats the biggest battle for us here in chile...our whole mission is having a hard as time finding those elected, those the lord are preparing to recieve the message of the restored gospel...this past week our mission baptized only one person!! thats never happened before so like yeah the whole mission is just having such a hard time right now.but its all good..each day me and my companion wake up and go right back to work..even tho the day before we knocked 40 doors and nobody wanted to listen to us, even tho the day before all of our appointments fell thru cuz we know that this is the work of the lord and he is preparing people for us to find...a huge test of faith but also a huge opportunity to learn and so grateful to be here ae and for all the things that i learn growing up you fellas lol yous would laugh if yous could see me in action...the man ae...honest! bahaha na but with what we have right now we are doing alright...we found a less active member a while back and we´ve been working with her for a while and she has a daughter thats super young but hasnt been baptized yet so weve been teaching her the lessons and its been mean as to not only see this little girl catch the vision but also her mum remember of the love of god...theyve had it hard ae...single mum whos been thru alot and just lost faith you we found her in like the gutters of emotion and its been awesome seeing the gospel provided that strength..they awesome tho been going to church every sunday for the pass 4 weeks and we should be baptizing her little daughter next sunday! so ya just another testament of the savior and his love for us...we also found another investigator a while back...catalina and weve been working with was funny cuz when we met her she hadnt gone to church in ages ae...shes like 23 but yeah really in active but she has a son whos like 2 and her boy friend whos not a member... so normally alot of missionaries dont like to work with situations like this cuz its almost impossible to get people married here and you need to be married to be baptize or move out of the house you me and my comp just felt the need to share with this couple and we did and something special happened..when people catch the eternall perspective..when we as missionaries can provide that for them and help them see the big picture and give them a greater motive to work to people will do anything cuz the understand...and thats what we did..we talked about the restauration but tied it in with eternal families and it was exactly what they needed so the coolest thing is that theyre going to get married and the following bernardo will get baptized!!! mean ae!!! its been along road for them but its been awesome to see theyre progression in the gospel....this nothing better than this work...i love it ae...this is all we got tho for the moment but i know the lord is preparing more people for us to yeah just gotta keep working ae..i just want you guys to all know how much i love you all...mum i hope you get quick story...ive been giving blessings like crazy to heaps of people and its all in youd laugh ae if you seen me but yeah its an awesome experience...i have no idea what to say but things always come out...but i miss you mum i love you heaps grateful for all that youve done for us the bomb girl for reals.. i tell all the members that my mum tried to teach me how to cook two days before i came on the mission and they have a mean laugh but u taught me the most important things so no importa! but i love you mum keep dad in check ya hahaha. pops sole you the man bro...i love reading your letters ae bro...feel like your right here with me..but thank you pops for all that youve done for our family...for raising us in the doing good ae bro..representing hard ae so dont worry my going to japan already??? sorry bout it bro keep going hard in everything ae bro...when u write me bro tell me all about your day bro all your crackup dance experiences bro...had a mean as laugh ae reading them...i did the same thing thats why lol learn them in the van on the way out shot bro...but keep going hard my brother i love you hard dog....ash!!! sup lil man!!! how you been bro...sounds like you had a mean as week bro...fa that mush have been fun got some thing about you ae bro...i dont know what it is but you got a talent bro to just naturally attract people your get along with heaps of people ae...thats awesome bro...just gotta be nice to everybody bro...your talented as bro so your talents to serve and the lord will bless you with more my lil brother... i love you heaps ash...keep going hard and be a good boy k...lia!!! still to little to go to efy??? awwww poor thing! hahaha shoorry bout it! but lia i got the box and your usb didnt work=( i dont know why but i put it in and the files wont open could be the usb but idk...ask dad whats up with that k...but i love you heaps lia...i hope your doing good girll...keep being good and listen to mum and dad k...i hope you like my video...send my love to grandma and give her a fat kiss for me k!!! but i love you so much!!! thats times up so i just wanted to let you all know that i love you guys so much...keep going hard this week and we´ll hear from eachother next week you guys.

Elder kanahele kaka

shot on the keks

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