Monday, May 24, 2010

¿omo estai mi negritas? hahaha ustedes son tan fomes, en serio. me dio unpoko nostalgia por el hogar pero es solo por que´ les amo tanto! hahaha but knowing you dumb maoris probably taken 15 minutes to translate that so i´ll just write in english hahaha....WHATS UP FAMILY!!!!! fa i miss you guys heap ae!!! it was awesome reading your guys letters and seeing what a great week you guys were able to so proud of all of you and of all that you guys have been able to accomplish!! im doing good letter todays gonna be a little so sorry about it..we had transfers and ive been traveling for like 7 hours to get to my new sector!!! hahahaha im in a new place called san pablo and it like smack dab right in the middle of santiago and its straighup city!!! its like brooklyn of new york!! hahaha heaps of dudes who think there gangsta and what not but yeah we woke up 4 this morning and have been traveling all this time and went to the house and dropped my things off and came straight here and dont have that much time to write. but it was hard for me to leave los andes ae!! it was my last sector and it was hard... some of my converts and a few of the members came to send me off at the bus station and it was one of the hardest things that ive had to do so far here in the i never thought that it would be like that but it was ae....hahahahaha fa people were crying and what mums were asking me to come back and marry their daughters! hahahaha the first thing i thought of was dad!!! that ounce and all his stories..had to have a laugh..but ye it was hard ae. ive really come to love the poeple here and im just so grateful to have helped them reicived the new companion is elder rosinfel or something like that hahahaha hes a tall as Haole boy from utah....hes got like 3 months left than hes done in the mission so im super excited to learn all i can from him ae...our house is pretty mean....the area in which we live is actually way better than my other house but as soon as we live the proximities its like night and day hahahahaha like a block a way from my house its straightup ghettto!!!! its so crackup ae....after our like 3 hour ride in the under groud i forgot what there called...but when we left the train and came out of the station and up on to the street i just had tthe meanest laugh i look around and i was like what the crap am i doing here!! bahahahaha i was thinking how is this maori boy from melville who went to kamehameha is in los artugas de patronato!! the ghettos of the ghettos...its a crack up..but im super excited to work in the part of the lords vineyard. today i realized when i was packing that i have sooooooooo much clothes ae.....and it was crappy as having to truck load everything around so imma have to do some cut backs in some areas....but ye im good as ae good to hear from you guys...geeorge fa bro growing up ae dog!!! im so proud of you ae my brother....good to hear about your week bro i really wish i was there with you ae bro...but i just want you to know how proud you make me so grateful to have had a brother like you bro. ive learnt so much from you dog...your special boy lift those around you with your talents dog. thats why we have them bro...but yeah bro i remember my graduation and my time after school...just flew bro hahahaha dont know where they went haha but times short ae bro, gotta make the best of what you have bro. no time to moap around, just go hard in what ever you do okay my brother. gonna work promo??? try be a musician bro, for reals they get paid we more and you can learn the dances as well....youll be a huge aset a bro...tell si try loose some wait before he talks to you hahaha na jokes jokes ow...but ye dog i just want you to know that i love you ae...take care of the kidies for me bro. help ash with everything bro....hes got all the potential so teach him everything you know bro. watch over lia as well....saw her in the pictures and she looks fine! hahaha so keep an eye on here ae....but ye hope your not lying in the yard late at nite anymore hahahahaha shot the man dog....tell jack mana and rana i love them k bro. ash!!! you helmet hahahaha bro you always krack me a smile ae....thats what i love about you my brother. i have no idea where you got your personality from bro but never change dog....your special kid bro and i just wanted u to know how much i love you bro...think about you kidies heaps ae...go hard in all that you do bro and listen to mum dad and george bro...your the man and you know it so just be humble about it k bro.thats the secrect bro..i know from experience thats why bro hahaha na but ye excited to see your guyses videos ae.... keep making them bro and have mum and dad send me them ae. but bro watch over your lil sister bro and be a good boy k....i love you ash....lia!!! you one tita brtah hahahaha for reals i dont know why but when i read your letter i just picture one fat hawaiian lady from waimanalo!!!! hahahaha na jokes my baby!! lia i miss you heaps and love you more....i saw the pictures of you and was shocked hahahaha growing up ae!!! but im sure your song was off the chain...keep practicing and send me heaps of videos and pictures k....but lia i have to go. want you to know that i love you heaps my lil sister....listen to mum dad and your brothers k....mum and dad love you guys heaps my times up but i just want you guys to know how grateful i am for your love and service....keep going hard in all that you guys do k...our savior lives, and i know we can always find comfort in him so keep going hard family...i love you guys so much..tell gramz i love her too. but i gota bounce...chaito mi cascos!!!
love Elder Kanahele

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