Monday, May 17, 2010

Whats up family!!!!

It’s sooooo good to hear from you fellas ae....hahahah thanks for the pin number i think i should write it down ae hahahaha. dumb buggas!!! but yeah thanks for the letter. As always it was able to lift me up hard....this weeks been super depressing ae hahahaha im not gonna lie ae....I tell you guys everything so I’m not going to make it sound any prettier than it is but this week was really hard. Me and my companion have been doing everything possible to help this work progress in our sector and I promise I’ve never worked so hard in my life and this week we weren’t able to see any positive results. The biggest indicator is having people in church because people can’t progress towards baptism if they can’t go to church and the culture here in Chile is really lazy so this is the biggest obstacle for all missionaries here in Chile but this past week was my first time with nobody in church and it was the crappiest feeling ever. For real’s family like that our end product of every week is the amount of people we have in the church so when nobody shows up it just kills and I’ve never felt so crappier in my life but its only made me want to go harder....I never want to feel that feeling again..So I know as we continue to give our all, be obedient with exactness the lord will bless us ae family....he just likes to test us for some reason hahahaha but yeah I’m happy as ever. There’s nothing better in this world than entering into a home and teaching this message of the Restored Gospel. Yesterday I taught an old lady with a young boy from the ward lesson 1 of the resurrection and its the truest message in the world. I love teaching of Joseph smith and inviting people to know of its truthfulness. when i first got here it was hard for me to extend commitments like to ask the people to pray at the end of the lesson on our knees to know the truth or to ask people straight up to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized, like it hard for me because I thought it was to straight forward or were moving to fast but there’s no time to wait, and family like yesterday I was able to see how much I’ve been able to grow in only these short four months that I’ve been here. I look people rite in the eyes when i give the first vision and speak from my heart, I look people rite in the eyes and ask them straight up to be baptized, I look people rite in the eyes and ask them if they can offer a pray and if we can do it on our knees and, I don’t know if you guys realize but to do that in another language takes some balls to do and I live for that ae....because really there’s no beating around the bush and when you see the people find out for themselves there’s no other better reward....this is what keeps me going when I get the door slammed on my face every day, its that next person who’s waiting and ready for this message. that why where in the street every day and every night....this week it rained hard for its time and plus its cold as but there’s nothing that can stop this work from progressing and I sleep, eat, and breath missionary work family because there’s no greater joy than seeing this gospel bless the lives of others. I’ve seen it and even though times are hard right now nothings gonna stop us from finding those elected. I’m so grateful to be here and to be a servant of the lord. I’ve realized that he has served me more in these four months than I could have ever served him. The gospel is so true and I love it and embrace it every day. it’s my strength and its soooooo beautiful family. george and ash I’m so proud of you boys! for real’s you guys have been great examples to me as your older brother and I want you guys to know that I love you guys so much ae you little maoris. sole george what ever you do bro just go hard....I know you have a lot to choose from rite now bro with what you wanna do know that your finishing school but just go hard as bro. don’t limit yourself bro to only that which I did bro. if you think playing football is what you wanna do and is whats going to help you become the best you can become bro, do it aye bro...but I just don’t want you limiting yourself my brother. you’re so talented so whatever you do dog just go hard. ash....bro I can see your growth bro....your the man already hahahahaha fa your gonna be better than me and george bro but you need to always go hard bro...never think that you don’t need to improve k bro cause there’s always room to be better bro...Keep going hard in all your sports and listen to george..he’s a good as example for you bro so do what he says k. you the man bro for real’s handsome as, got all the talents, and funny as yourself bro and help those around you and always be good to you little sister k bro.....lia i love you so much honey!!! for reals baby don’t ever change got something special about you that not too many people have so continue to cultivate your talents and share your love with everyone k...I love you so much lia. try not to split your head k you ounce hahahaha and do your homework and remember to always brush your teeth’s more important know that you got your braces so don’t be lazy hahahaha na jokes lol but mum thanks for the hustling and bustling to get those things for me. I love you so much ae mum....I’m so grateful for raising us in such a loving environment...that’s why we are all cry babies hahaha but it’s the best way to raise a thanks for everything ae... like george said we’ve been hooked up with a mean as dad ae....fa even though you went throw that big mac at mum that one time sole u still the man bro...ahahaha sorry bout na but for real’s bro I love you ae’ve been an awesome father for us kids and the best example for your boys. I wanna be just like you ae pops when I have my own family. But thanks for everything pops keep going hard with the family. I’m so grateful for your guys sacrifice to have me here serving the lord I love you guys soooooooo much. Keep doing what you know is right. Tell grandma I love her and got here letter and pics from the big island. Send my love to uncle ash and anuty kai. But I gotts to bounce family love you guys hard. Talk to you guys next week your son.

Elder Kanahele

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