Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kia Ora Family,

It was awesome getting to read your guys letter and see how all of you guys are doing....haha to start off as missionaries we are all put in sectors with like limits so there is a mcdonalds but it isnt in our limits hahahaha so we cant eat there but its all good... but ya i didnt get the box yet mum so ya send the next one in enough time before i run out k!!! but ya family ive had a long as week....i didnt want to tell you guys this but im just going to tell yous lol...this weeks been the hardest week of my life..haha. Its flippin hard and I didnt want to tell you guys but theres something that ive learnt from this that i wanted to share...here in chile its been one big massive challenge ae. Every day im faced with something different some thing new that brings its own challenges and before I thought...why?? like why do things have to be so hard when im here serving the lord, doing his work..and this week ive realized that its in the hard times where we dont know how were going to get through with things were we grow and where we really feel the power, love,and strength that comes through the atonement of christ and where we really realized that the lord is only serving us. when i think about it i havnt done anything ae....the lords been serving me in these 6 months and i know that the lord will never give us nothing that we cant do!! and this is something thats helped me have more love for my companion. eventhough i feel like cracking him some times i know that its then where i need to love him. its been hard, but its not impossible so i continue to strive and be an example for him...its crackup cuz i do everything to the extremes hahaha...just so he feels guilty longer lol like wake up half and hour earlier, go to sleep ealier, study earlier, leave the house earlier and its crackup but yeah thats how its been this week...hes actually a really smart fellah but i think hes just forgotten why hes here so ill make him remember hahahaha..but yeah this sector is way different ae...like nothing like my old sector...hahahaha i had to have a laugh cuz..NOW im in chile!! its crazy and the work here is differnt too...like theres different methods that work here that would never have worked in los andes but yeah just learning the ropes rite now...our ward is mean as....its pretty big for a ward here in chile has like 200 people and there all cool as....a ward that functions mean as like all the people fulfill there callings and its true that the structure of the church is perfect....i bore my testimony in church to introduce myself and everybody wanted for grind me after hahahaha i was okay irritz!!!! the whole world went come up to me to talk to me but i met a dude who was a companion of soul kinikini in argentina! the kinikini boy that was in my math class at byu!! hahaha i had to laugh cuz i remember talking to soul about his mission.but ye that was cool as....everyday we eat luch with a mamamita!! hahaha she a member in the ward thats a convert but shes awesome ae...she has a guitar so i just jam it up hard ever day for her every lunch time hahaha she loves it ae even though she cant understand a word but yeah thats how things have been...i miss you guys heaps....so good to hear how things have been with you guys....tell george i missed his presence this week...haha not the same not hearing from him but its all good.....ash keep going hard bro....i wanna know how much points you scored do so count them and let me know you ounce...hahahaha keep going hard tho my little bro...use your time this summer productively k bro and always be safe...watch over you little sister lilia....lia you the only one that didnt go to kauai??? dumb!!! hahaha sweet as girl...excited for your camp coming up??? mean ba...try take some pictures and send them to me k!!! k but lia want you to know that i love you heaps ae and i miss you even more...keep being a good girl and listen to your brothers and mum and dad....mum and dad i love you guys heaps and miss you guys even more....dont worry about me,,im doing good as. growing so much and learning heaps everyday so thats a good thing ae!! hahahaha but tell george that i miss him and that i love him too. send my love to gramz and wailani. but i gotta bounce so ill talk to yous next week my beautiful family.
Elder Kaka

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