Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hola kakas!!!!!!!!!!

sup you black maoris!!!! hahahahaha thanks for your letters ae..hahahaha just had a mean cry reading it ae hahahaha full on in the internet place balling my eyes out....lol still havent changed ae....lol im still a little muff!!! hahaha na for reals tho family its so good to hear from you and how things have been going back home. mum and dad thanks for everything ae your words of advice mean so much to me you guys dont even know, and dad you winner!!!!! hahhahaha what a crack up bro fa...miss you ae haha. but for this mothers day this is how things are going to work.you guys need to call me!!!! i just spoke with my leader de zona and he told me that you guys need to call me Saturday night at 12:00am your time so thats 7 oclock my time over here in chile. its because my window to speak to you guys was the same time that you have sacrament so i had to call them and change it and this is the new and only time i can talk to you guys, I know that sucks ae really late and all but im just keen to talk to you guys, but herers the number 0056-034-906869. the first four numbers 0056 it the code of the country, the next three numbers is the area code of my city 034, and the last six numbers is the number for the house 906869. so yeah you guys need to buy a phone card and you can test it out this week before Sunday so you know how to do it. Call the number and talk to the lady she knows that you guys will be calling so test it out hahahaha have george speak his spanish to her hahahaha it will be a crack up but ya thats how its gonna work....a lil bit crappy how my window to talk is super late and the day before but its all goona be sweet bullehs no worry bout it k hahaha. but yeah family ive been good as ae....this weeks been hard as ae hahahahaha like every other week but its all good. still having a hard as time trying to find people and all but where doing our part. working hard as using all the methods in preach my gospel and being obedient with exactness so where not stressing about anything ae.. i know the lord will fill in. This week has had a lot of opportunities to help me grow and your guys email last week really help me and the way i look at my challenges!! they only make us stronger ae and i can testify of that ae.....everyday i learn and grow and im becoming a real missionary hahaha. for reals weve been having divisiones almost everyday this past week to help us find more people to teach so what happens is i go with a member and my comp goes with a different member and the crackup thing is that the member i leave with everyday cant speak spanish!!!! bahahahahahaha crackup ae....he has a speach impediment and cant speak a word of spanish...he can under spanish but cant speak a lick of espanol lol so its been an awesome growing experience and ive learnt so much ae. ive been having to do everything solo. everthing!!!! lol its crackup cuz i can see my own progress. my spanish, my teaching, and just everything has improved so much. theres still heaps of things that i need to learn but i feel good with where im at right now. for reals ive only had 3 and a half months out in the field almost 4 and in another country with another language and im doing it all. im living the life of a missionary inviting others unto christ in spanish and to be honest theres no other way possible where i could do the things that i do if it werent for the lord. this is his work and nothings going to stop it from progressing. family ive learnt spanish and doing it all on my own in less than 4 months. thats almost impossible to do but it just shows you how great this work is and how with the lord we can do anything. Im so grateful to be here cuz ive come to know of our savior Jesus Christ. Here on the mission ive learned to live his gospel and ive seen the blessings that are available when we do the will of our heavenly father. I know our savior lives and its only through obedience to the commandments where we can access blessings through his atoning sacrifice. mum and dad i love you guys so much, im so excited to get to talk to you this week....remember that you need to call me saturday night at 12 oclock your time and its going to be 7 oclock my time in the morning here in chile. Im so sorry that the times are a little bit jacked up but its all g. buy a phone card and all k...but family i love you all. george, ash, and lilia my sweet heart i love you guys so much. Im so proud of you guys. george i can speak fluent almost hahaha but be a good example to your little brother and sister k bro. know that i love you guys heaps. keep going hard in developing your talents my little brothers and sister. sole georges kaholo would have been a mean as sight to see hahahaha but keep going hard family. I love you guys heaps and im so excited to hear from you guys this week. mum send the medicine too k!! hahaha and ill get the box tomorow but i got to go family! i love you all so much. doing it for the maoris!!! but ill talk to you guys Sunday! with all my love.

Elder kanahele Kaka

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