Monday, May 10, 2010

Hola whanau!!!!

Wow, what a day ae!!!! hahahaha i was in an emotional wreck all day yesterday but feel way better now after reading your guys letter....right back into the work ready to go hard for another 7 months. but family it was sooooooo good hearing from yous ae..all week i was trying to sike myself up hard so i wouldnt cry hahahaha and herrrrrrmp the first thing i do when i answer the phone is cry! but yeah i see why we are only allowed to call twice a year. hahaha as a missionary its the most distracting thing in the world ae....yesterday i could not i was just wacked out of it but now its all good. after your letters just put me right back on track and im ready to get stuck into things again. but yeah family you guys sound sooooo goood. mum im glad you had a good day yesterday ae..happy mothers day again mum. i just want you to know how grateful i am for you. its a bit wierd cuz my companion like had no emotion when he talked to his family and none of the other elders as well. and i just couldnt understand how they did it ae....idont just for me you guys are my everything. family you guys are my everything and i just couldnt hold anything in at all! hahahahaha like lia said i think i cried from the begining to the end hahahaha crackup ae. but yeah the kids sound so grown up...lia idk just shoked me for some reason...she sounds soooooo good and yead dad i know what your talking about with those women always worrying about things that we dont give a rats about ae hahahaha but yeah and her pictures! shes just growing up sooooooo beautiful as well. but yeah lia im doing good kay dont worry about me girl...and i do remember when we visited dads area and girl my areas are way more ghetto for reals they are handsome as!!!!! but mum and dad you fwams didnt send me my pin number. in the next email send it to me k but in big bold font so i can see it....hahahaha still dumb ae dad hahahah your a crackup bro but pops thanks for everything ae bro your advice and all means so much to me know that im hear...the song you guys sung was mean as!!! whats it called???? and ash your mean as bro!!!! dang i could believe it bro you fellas sound like straight up professionals...ahahaha its cuz im not there anymore ae hahahaha crackup. but yeah video yourselves singing and stuff and take heaps of pictures and send them on a usb drive k....but send hard copy pictures too k!!! but yeah ash your crackup bro for reals had me rolling ae bro thanks for the advice too bro with the lollies and how its the easiest way to the stomack...imma share that one at our next zone conference hahahaha but george sole it was good talking to you bro...thanks for being hard for me ae bro. you know im a little girl bro hahahah but it was mean as talking to you bro. your the man ae bro....for reals seeing all yours and ashleys pictures and talking to you guys just makes me soooo proud ae bro. you guys are going to be mean as missionaries ae bro i know it bro. u and ash have it all bro. guys are good looking hard, and are so talented. keep striving to set an example for your little brother and sister k bro. teach them everything bro and take care of them k. bro keep going hard in all that you lia said theres a reason for everything! hahahaha just learn from every experience you have. your growing up bro almost done with school and all so dont waste any time bro. for reals when you done with school with what ever your going to do go hard bro.....give your all for reals dog dont give anything less than your best bro cuz your the man ae and you can achieve whatever you want ae bro. ive never met anyone as strong minded as you before bro your gonna do bigs things bro and i know that the lord has heaps instore for you so go hard and keep strengthening your testimony in the lord jesus christ. i love you bro..take care of my baby girl too k hahahaha was sooooo good to hear from her too...tell dad dont ever call me a mahu in front of her!! hahahahaha but yeah tell gramz that i love her. i was so happy that i was able to hear from her as well for reals family i love all of you guys sooooo much ae you guys are my everything. but dont worry about me. im back to normal and ready to get to work and baptize some peps. but mum send me that medicine as soon as you can k...for reals im tired of all this crap hahahahaha crakcup. but dad and mum it was awesome to hear from you guys. i realized yesterday how grateful i am to have been blessed with such a great family as you guys...i wanna share a quick story really quick. we went to the house of one of my recent members and his name is mauricio but he has a son and lives with his wife and theyre preparing to enter the temple as a family and be sealed for all time and eternety but we had a family home evening with them yesterday and i shared doctrinos y convenios 130:2 and just testified of how its only thru this gospel where our families really can find true happiness and how we can be together forever and it was sooooo powerful because ive seen it in my own family and i thank u mum and dad for this eternal perspective that you guys have had and for doing all that you can to bring us up to know of these basic truths. family i love you guys so much. keep going hard in all that you do, and know that im doing my best to make you guys proud k. but i gotta bounce. im so grateful for all that you guys have done for me and all the sacrifice you guys continue to do to suport me while im here. i know that our savior lives and we need to continually strive to better our selves each day, in the words of king benjamin ¨and now if you believe all these things see that you do them....remember nad perish not¨ mosiah 4:10,30 we know what we need to do family we just need to remember them and do goo hard and ill talk to you next week you guys with all my heart

Elder kanahele

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