Monday, April 26, 2010

Hola family!!!!

¿¿¿como te va mi vatos!!???? bien, ¿¿yo espero!??? hahahaha na un chiste pero aqui in primero cruzero estamos bien. la obra todovia esta matandonos, en serio pero todo esta bien. hahaha fa its hard for me to write in English ae cuz now im like fluent in Spanish and like I have the gift of tongues and all you know. And like im super blessed that way! hahahaha jokes family!! for reals though its a bit awkward sometimes ae trying to write in english. the spanish has been coming along but there’s still heaps more that I need to learn. im able to hold my own though and its mean as because just 3 months ago I could only say my name hahaha but yeah im only a tool in the hands of the lord and when we realize we cant do anything without him, that’s when he succors us and fills in and does his part. But yeah thanks for the letter ae. I miss you guys sooooooo much and its so good to hear all the haps with you guys and the family....its crazy to hear that Tyler’s home already and that he actually talks now hahahaha I can imagine that he’s smart as now. Dad use that fellah for reals I know he was a good as missionary because remember that time we were in cali and we wanted to visit him, yeah bro he told us no that helmet hahaha but for me as a missionary now bro that’s hard ae. Like we put him in a hard as position and he did the right thing. I cant imagine ae like with all the things we have to do, my family coming up and asking to visit a missionary that’s some real pressure hahahaha but yeah that’s cool to hear that he’s home...ask him how many people he baptized..and if he gives you a number then he’s dumb!!! lol im sure he wont though.

It’s so good to hear of your guys week and how everything went. Here in los andes were doing aright....our investigators that we found last week were waste time so we had to drop them because really the lord are preparing people and we are here to find the elect so yeah this week was another hard one. Having a hard time finding people but again I was able to see the lord work this week we full on studied and planned ways to help us find people to baptize and all week we weren’t having any success and it was really hard to go from day to day with nobody to teach was a real test of faith and it was really wacking away at mine and my companions...we knocked almost 50 doors everyday, only to be rejected with each one and it was hard as ae to keep strong. like we were doing all that we could to try and find people. we were being obedient with exactness and all, I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so hard and I don’t know just got a little depressing ae.....well Saturday after we prayed to start studying for comp study in my prayer I asked heavenly father to help us know what to do. and right after the prayer we looked at each other and I said to him...what do you think??? he didn’t say anything...obviously hahaha and then I told him lets fast!! And he said to me I felt to do the same thing. So that’s what we did. And family I have a testimony of the power of fasting. I know that its truly another way to receive extra help from our heavenly father because the first person that we talked to that day we were able to enter into her house to teach her....and that was a real treat for us because all week we weren’t able to teach cause we had nobody to teach so as we sat there with this lady we treated her like gold ae and all I can say is that the spirit we soooooo I know she wasn’t able to deny the feelings that she felt that day....this lady modesta has a lot of problems but we did our part...she has a strong desire to change so where going to work really hard to help her...she accepted a baptismal date in a month so will see how she yeah like that was a great blessing that day and to top things off we visited a less active member and shared a powerful as message with him called permanaced and yeah the spirit was the same with him....he hasn’t gone to church for about a couple years because him and his pops had some mean run ins so like he’s just in denial. he’s a return missionary and all so yeah we invited him to go to church with us the next that next day we were waiting in the chapel and my man rocks up with his wife and this little boy. And it was the coolest thing ae to see them all come that day. When the pops of the less active member saw his son walk in he just started balling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like I wanted to cry too hahahaha and they just hugged each other for ages and yeah like I don’t know what they had between them before but you could tell that the pops was sooooo happy to see his son and the son was soooo happy to see the was mean ae...we visited the less active too after church and come to know that the little boy is his nephew that hasn’t been baptized but wants to...and wants to listen to the missionaries!! hahaha I started cracking up because I couldn’t believe it ae lol so ye we got a date for the nephew in two weeks. So yeah I know that this work is the lords and when we do all that we can he will fill in. but yeah family that was my week this week I don’t have to much time left but I just want you all to know that I love you. George, ash, and lia I love you all....keep going hard my little homies!!! you guys can do what ever you guys want to if you put your mind to it....mum and dad I love you guys heaps and im so grateful for everything you guys have done for us im still swimming bro hahaha and mum my face is doing good..hahahaim still handsome as lol but yeah sister may still hasn’t done anything that ounce but its all good...oh and I get to call mothers day so yeah im super excited to hear from you gonna get more information on that this week so ill let you know in my next letter k!!! But I love you all family. Keep going hard in all that you do. With all my love

Elder Kanahele

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