Monday, April 12, 2010

Hola compares!!!!

hahaha ¿como te va mi amigos? ¿bien? hahaha whats up u fellas!!! thats all the spanish that I know! bahahahaha crackup but yeah thanks for the email ae...its always awesome to hear of the experiences that go down each week. Today we had transfers or we call them cambios so we had to head out to santiago about 2 hrs from here and get our new companions. My new companion is elder marques. he’s from Uruguay so that means he dosnt speak any english! bahahahaha crackup ae....fa flippin latinos!!!! so yeah I’m with another elder who is really hard to understand and I got to direct my sector this cambio!!! bahahahaha nervous as ae but that kine stuff is bubble gums ae! for real, in the field you get put into so many hard, awkward positions almost every day so when challenges comes up we just have to have a laugh ae and roll with it. This is the lord’s work and he doesn’t give us anything we cant I’m sweet as ae..... I little bit lost hahaha i must admit i had to bring us home today from central Santiago and got us lost for a little while hahahah couldn’t help but think of the time me and George got lost in Melville!!!!lol I know my new comp was probably thinking...."fa this fellas dumb as" lol crackup...but we got here so sweet as. but yeah family all is good. I need to make this a short one this week. Sorry bout it but just wanted to let you guys know that the work is still hard as. lol still having a hard as time finding people to teach but we´re all going to have trials and its just how we react to them that will determine the out come. I learn new stuff everyday ae.....the mission is mean as ae. the language is coming a long and like I don’t even stress about anything.

It's so good to hear of jcs Baptism..Good on her!!! man that makes me soooooo happy to hear that our own family is starting to feel and accept the gospel. I look back at it now like at school and all with all my non member friends and even our own family and feel kind of bad for not doing more. Like as a missionary things really start to make sense ae....and we are able to enjoy the gospel because we live it!!! and I’m so grateful for all that we have and only wish that I did more....I know, its all good and all but really there’s no other purpose in life with out this gospel. I’m so grateful family for your love and support ae!!!! you guys are my roots and I testify of a happy family each and everyday cause I have one.....we need to cherish what we have because its hard to find else where. Mum and dad I love you guys heaps ae. thanks for all that you guys have done and continue to do......keep going hard k. mum thanks for writing president may hahahaha crackup sister may pulled me aside and talked to me about it hahaha I started cracking up ae mum....fa i love you. Dad thanks bro...Your the man ae. I’m going hard and making you proud pops. George.....hahaha i miss you ae bro...fa you football pic in the papers were mean bro for reals fa you big time bro....always go hard ae bro....there’s no point in doing something if we don’t give it our all bro. you and ash got it all bro...go hard ae brothers I’m so proud of you guys. Strengthen your testimonies...the book of Mormon is true hahahaha for reals though like I look forward to studying each and every morning. The book of Mormon is mean ae...look for stories and look for how certain people were able to be successful, or how they were able to have certain blessings then look for what they did.....for real’s anything and everything pertaining to life is in that book....there’s no other book in the world as true as the book of Mormon. i know it testifies of our savior Jesus Christ and contains everything we need to do to be an eternal family. continue to read ae family. the lord will bless us. Ash keep going hard in your sports bro...Thanks for your little spiritual thoughts ae....for reals bro keep expanding your spiritual knowledge my little brother. Know that I love you dog....and try tell me some more nacho lines you ounce...hahahaha i miss you ae you little helmet. Keep laughing bro, you’re the man and never forget that k...just be humble. lol lia!!!! I love you so much my little soo beautiful in your pic that dad sent me....dang!!!!! hahahaha stay away from the boys okay.....for real’s or else George and ash are going to smash them...but lia I love you soooooo much and miss you heaps....keep listening to mum dad and your brothers k and keep being your lovely self. Remember to do your homework k.hahahah tell grandma that I said hi and thanks for her email. I don’t have enough time to email her so let her know that i love I love you guys heaps. tell rana and jack get stuff and go buy a musubi for their party!!1 lol na that’s cold......just have uncle kalani do everything hahaha tell him I said whats up ae.....oh but mum and dad if u guys can send me a bag bag is breaking..The green one and the bags here are expensive ae....a bag like my black one that I had right before i left. thats a perfect one and its styly!!! hahah for real’s send me that same bag if you can k....but yeah family I gotta bounce. Know that I love you all and I’m so grateful for your love and sacrifice for me to be here. Continue to love each other. Mum dad I love you guys and thank you for everything. I’m being obedient and going hard so don’t worry I love you guys.

love your son

Elder kanahele

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