Monday, April 19, 2010

Kia Ora Family!!!!

sup famz!!!! with your questions im all good ae dont need anything yet but for reals i´ll make sure to let you know when i do...but ye about the bag....i need a bag like my volcom one i an actual school bag kine..idk if you guys were a lil confused cuz i have the one strap ones that come a cross the chest but those are small kine irritz so just to clear things up the volcom black one that i had before i left with two straps. hahahaha fa sorry if it sounds a little pushy hahaha but yeah just so yous know.

Thank you for the letters ae you fellas its like gold to me ae. i print the letters out every week and save them because seriously i have times where i feel that i cant go on during the week and when i read your letters just helps me keep going ae. This week was the hardest, most trying deadliest, stressful week of my life!! hahaha i have really felt the love of our savior so strong and i know with out a doubt that this is his work. We still don’t have anybody progressing but that isn’t the hard part hahaha. so when i got my companion last Monday you know i had no idea what was lying a head hahahaha i thought it was going to be a piece of cake you know a bunch of lovely roses hahaha but heeeeeermmmp!!! was everything but that. My companions a cool fella really obedient and all but hes a bloody mouse!!! doesn’t say a word and he’s the one that speaks Spanish..... This week since last Monday I’v e been doing everything!!!!! And it’s been soooooooo hard ae. lol you know going from elder carrasco who had 8 months here and practically knew the whole world it was easy for me because i basically was just following ae....straight up following and when he left...the real world came...hahahahaha for real, I’ve been planning, teaching, talking, practically everything solo!!!! haha last Tuesday night i really didn’t know how i was going to make it i really didn’t think i could go on and i had no idea what to do, where to go, and to make things worst we don’t have anybody to teach so like all the pressure in the world has just been pounding on me just tore me apart and broke me down to really i had nothing but the lord...and family i know he lives. there’s no other way in this world where i would have been able to make it through this week if it wasn’t for our savior Jesus Christ. I’ve never prayed so hard and for so long in my life...and to be real right that’s the only way i did things this week...prayed every second of every lesson and in every contact i was just praying that the lord would help me. And as the days went i just felt a sense of peace ae. A new source of strength and i know there’s no other way that this work can be done. for reals this week I’ve just been on fire ae hahahaha because my companion is new in our area i talk to all the people, and pretty much do everything hahahaha its so crackup because now it doesn’t even phase me ae like we entered into this house and this lady is like a super strong evantista i don’t know what there called in English but she tricked us ae lol she invited us over to share the gospel and when we got there she just wanted to scrap with us....and she was just drilling us with all her doctrine and crap and soles i was the man ae!!!! hahahahaha spoke like a champ and just laid the smack down on her!!! hahaha for reals everyday i get put in positions where i have no idea what im going to do but the spirit always puts the words in my mouth and its crackup because like im a living walking testament of a miracle. i only have 3 months here...from yesterday and when we are in lessons i speak like a champ for reals like fluent and my comp trips out and really its not me ae....idk its hard to put into words but basically this is the lords work hahahahaha...but yeah that’s just been my experience this week...i know with the lord we can do everything and anything family. i know it without a doubt because im living it right now. With the savior we can do everything.

But ye its getting super cold ae like straight up freezing. in the day its super hot but at night its like on the verge of snowing and the cold here is way different to the cold in Utah like its like NZ like kills to the bones and right now im getting a little bit sick coming down with a cold i think hahaha the stuffy nose and all that crap lol...but ye that’s how it’s be here in was so good to hear from you guys ae....ash fa your a crackup dude bro...i can just picture you ae you ounce!!!!! crackup bro but need to be more cautious next time bro for reals. try listen you ounce!!! hahaha but george sole george keep loving your brother and sister bro cuz really there’s nothing else in the world that matters ae...go hard in these last times you have in school bro like for reals when you think about it bro its your last time in high school so go hard bro...Don’t have any regrets and just give it your all dog....soak it in for reals because after that its a new life bro....i miss you ae bro...fa all of you guys ash bro i was rolling ae reading you letter fa what a crackup dude.....and im in chile you ounce!!! lol lia i miss you the most!!! Keep being a good girl k and try you best to love randell k!!! hahahaha and tell aunty maó that i said thank you for reals she’s so thoughtful...tell gramz to that i said hi and that i love her snail mail. always keeps me excited for my Tuesdays...if you guys can try send like hard copy pictures like grandma k hahahaha and i got the pics from last week fa they were a good as treat.....mum and dad i love you guys so much...thank you guys for everything and for your words of comfort ever week..they do keep me going. Know that im making you proud and going hard. Thank you guys for your sacrifice and for raising us kids in the gospel...i love you guys so much and i hope you guys have a great week this week. keep going hard in your diets and biking k hahahaha oh and yeah sister may hasn’t done anything yet but she told me she’s going to get on it so yeah idk...but yeah fams i gotta go... i love you all!!!!

Elder Kanahele

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