Monday, February 15, 2010

4th letter - 02-15-10

Kia Ora Whanau,

Hey my lovely family!!!! how u guys doing ba!? hahaha im good as. thanks for your guys letters. mum and dad i still didn't get no package haha but please send one every month that would be nice hahahahah, but yeah im doing good as. Another long as week. but paola and her family are doing good. they are all members now and they all have really strong testimonies it trips me out because they live with the rest of paolas family who are all catholic but there testimonies are so strong that they don’t fall into any temptation its so awesome to see. stop smoking, drinking, read the scriptures every night and its the little things that they do that really make them happy and it really has strengthed my testimony. I really do have a testimony of the power of the book of Mormon. dang that book is where its at seriously. You can find everything and anything in there and there is no doubt in my mind that it was translated by the power of God. Paola and her family are so happy when we visit them everyday and they are always dieing to talk about things that they have learnt while reading and family it is seriously the most beautiful thing. They have nothing but are the happiest people in the world. Their example of faith has really strengthened my testimony. We also baptized this dude mauricio and this dude is the man as well....his wife is in active they were having a terrible life but we visited them cause the wife’s name was on the inactive sheet and you can tell the lord is really preparing people for us to find. my first day here was the first lesson we had with him but last Sunday he was baptized and married the day before that but ya the gospel is real. Right now where having a really hard time finding people because the members here are small kine jacked up and nobody wants to help us its so weird so days get depressing at times but never can put your head down. We found this lady Carolina and taught her and so far it looks good. They are catholic just like everybody else but you can really tell that they have a sincere desire and interest to know more about our church but i know where going to baptize them hahaha. but yeah things have been going good ae. straight up its the most hardest thing I’ve done, But the lord does guide us if we give him our all. Yesterday our speakers fell through for sacrament so me and my companion had to talk 20 minutes each and i was crapping my pants lol. but i got up their and killed it like a champ hahaha straight up i don’t know what it was but as soon as i stood at the mic and spoke like a chileano lol for 22 minutes about missionary work and just unloaded on all the members and told them how really every member is a missionary and we all need to help in this work it was crackup because my companion was tripping out. I said one word wrong though and everybody was crackin up I said that Christ suffer all pains which is dolores in spanish but i said dolares which is dollars hahaha and the peps were all cracking up but im use to people laughing at me already hahahaha. but yeah fam its all good in the neighbor hood. I miss u guys heaps. its soooo good to hear from u guys. I always print out your letters and read them thru out the week because they bring my spirits up big time. A lot of the times in the week I feel like I can’t go on. It is seriously that hard and depressing at times and I think man how did all the dummies at work do it hahahah but the atonement is where its at. always makes me wanna try harder. family continue to grow and improve. We always can be better. I love you guys so much. Every night we have a sandwich and saimin and every morning we have cereal hahahah theres no time to eat but we eat lunch at members houses everyday so yeah that my favorite part. even though the food is ugly as u gotta love the people. Awesome as. Have nothing but give everything to us....awesome man. but ya family I love you guys your son is doing good. George I love you bro..continue to work hard in all that you do bro. get your eagle that’s a must bro, I like your idea too, fa u smart guy. I think you got a better SAT score than me fa what a brainy dude. hahaha but ash keep ripping it up in bball bro you clown try be serious when you write me hahahaha na bro you keep being your self bro remember that you are alwyas an example. lia I miss u so much sorry about your history day it’s alright because you are still the prettiest hahaha I love you lia listen to your bros and mum and dad k. dad and mum I love you guys so much thanks for raising us in the gospel there’s a scripture in 2nephi:25:26 that makes me so grateful for you guys and raising us in the gospel. I love you guys so much thanks for everything, im doing good k mum hahah but I gotta bounce I love you guys. Tell grandma I miss her and thanks for her emails tell her sorry my time is short but im so grateful for her words of encouragement.
love you family!

Elder kaka kanahele

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