Monday, February 8, 2010

3rd Letter - 02-08-10

hola familia!

Sup whanz!!! thanks for your guys letters. Its always awesome to read and hear from you guys. Man i miss yous heaps aye!! dang you all sound so great. I just want you guys to know that im doing good. hahahaha missionary work is hard as lol but its all good. The language is coming along. Its been a blessing having a latino companion even though its hard at times cause i cant understand a word that hes saying but its good cause it always forces me to speak spanish. Everyday i learn something new and even though its hard its so worth it at the end of the day. This week we had two baptisms. Paola was baptized as well. She is awesome aye family. She really strengthened my testimony to see the little things that we take for granted in the gospel change peoples lives and makes them happy is the most rewarding thing ever. Paola has nothing. 17 people in her one room raggady house, use to smoke 5 packets a day. Works 12 hours everyday just to put food on the table for her family. Single mother and they absolutly have nothing, and for us when we visit her every day to see her happy because of the little truths that she finds in the book of mormon or for the answer to prayers that she recieves is just so rewarding. She has given up all her habits and we have baptized her and her two daughters. The rest of her family give her a hard time for letting us come over every day and she works double time on saturday so she can go to chuch on Sunday and i have really seen the lord bless her for her sacrifices. This gospel is so real family and its awesome. We need to always be grateful for what we have. We have everything and its only because of our heavenly father. My testimony has really been strengthened and theres no other place in the world id rather be right now than being a servant of the lord serving the people here in chile. We also baptized this dude name mauricio. Him and his wife werent married and that was the hardest thing for us to show them why they needed to be married but we did it. They were married on Friday and mauricio was baptized yeasterday and they have a son who turns 8 in a few months so yeah exciting as. The work is real. I love the people. Its my favorite part of my day to get out and procolite. The kids are ugly as, dirty as, and stink as but you just gotta love em ae hahaha stepping all over my shoes and grabbing my ties with their crap hands but all you gotta do is have a laugh hahaha no use getting mad anymore lol but yeah the work is moving family. I wanna tell all of you that i love you so much. Remember who we are. love eachother. I miss you guys so much. Continue too improve each day. Mum and Dad i love you guys so much. Gearge your the man bro i miss u hard. Ash you ounce hahaha i love you heaps bro. lia i miss u and i love you so much. Family i love you guys keep growing and being examples to those around you. Im doing good, so dont worry about me. But i got to go cause my companion needs to go to the doctor so i love you guys.

-Elder kanahele Kaka

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