Monday, February 22, 2010

5th Letter - 02-22-10

Hola familia!

chehuuuuu!!!!! hahahahah got the package ae fa thanks you fellas!!!!!!!!! straight up was like gold! crackup i was full on the happiest dude in the world, had all the goodies!!! thanks family its really awesome having a change from noodles ae. hahaha it was expensive as though!! I loved everything I got. You dont need to send fruit loops because they have them here, but send heaps of cookies and poptarts and yeah the spam was mean. Maybe some corn beef hahahahaha crackup!!! family im doing good. Thanks for the letters. Its so awsome to hear from you guys. Im doing good as. Spanish is coming along mean. Im chileano already hahahaha, for real’s though everyday is getting better and better. Elder John quidara wrote me the other day and he said something that was so awesome. He said that we dont only need to endure the journey but enjoy the journey and it has really changed my perspective. I love it here. Its hard as but every day I learn and grow and its awesome. My companion is crack up, but I got a story I want to share with you guys. We contacted this girl a couple weeks back in the street and did our normal contact and gave here a book of Mormon and got her address, but she didn’t live in our sector so we felt like oh that was small kine at the time. A couple days later we gave her address to the other elders where she lived and they visited her and she had read the whole book of Mormon in three days. Her first day in church was a fast Sunday and she bore her testimony on how she knew that the book of Mormon was true and that she was waiting for this gospel her whole life. Yesterday macarena (the girl) and her sister and cousin were baptized. Family I know that the book of Mormon is true and that heavenly father is always preparing people to recieve the gospel. For us its been hard finding people hahahaha I don’t know why because we are supper obedient and work our butts off everyday but we have this one lady Carolina and this is a cool story and the first time we visited her she told us that she never closes the door on god and that's why she let us in but she will never change her religion. she was so firm and it felt like a waste of time being their but we did our thing taught her the restoration and testified, but we left and visited a few days later and things had totally changed. She had read all of 1st Nephi and was interested in the church. This past Thursday she came with us to a baptism and the spirit was so strong. We visited her again a committed her to be baptized march 14!! i know the book of Mormon changes lives, but Carolina is the only lady we got right now, so we are doing good as. I miss you guys heaps. Mum and dad thanks for everything. I love you guys. George keep going hard bro. I heard about your open mic. bro keep perfecting your talents. We are given talents to help others bro. when u get out in the field bro you will be using them all the time. I’ve been playing at all the members homes our Maori songs and all my ghetto as Hawaiian songs and sing all kine words but bro the members love it hahahaha its crackup because every body her is useless so they are so amazed at everything bro. bro try learn hymns because in sacrament we sing acapella and every body does because nobody knows how to play. So yea bro continue to magnify your talents bro. Your the man homes keep ripping it up dog. I want some pics too with u and no shirt hahaha please. ash!!! bro your the man too dog. better than george so always push yourself bro. your the man. Always work hard in all that you do because that’s the only way you’ll get better bro. keep being a good example and help your little sister. lia!!!!! hi babby!!!! i miss you! ohhhh you sound like you are growning up so fast. Thanks for picking out my food. You are the bestest!! I knew I could count on you hahahaha thanks lia, I love you. Be a good girl and listen to your brothers and mum and dad. your so beautiful lia remember to always remember who you are. Family I’m so proud of you guys., keep repping the family name. Do it for the maoris ae!!! mum and dad I love you guys heaps. Thanks for everything. Your son is doing good as don’t even worry about me. thanks for everything. I have transfers next week and if I get sent some where far I might not be able to write a lot, so just giving u a heads up. Know that I’m doing good. Growing with each passing day. Being a missionary is cool as, but thanks for everything family, for your love and your letters. I gotta bounce imma try send some more pics. I hope you like them. Ii love you family.

Elder kanahele kaka

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