Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd Letter 02-01-10

Hi family!

Whats up bullehs!! hahaha you guys are nails lol mum im all sweet. I promise, the only thing i need is your guys prayers. Im sweet as, the living conditions and all are ghetto, the food is ghetto but u just got to have a laugh bahahaha im sweet. physically im sweet as. Emotionally i miss you guys alot sometimes hahaha theres alot of people here who remind me of you guys and i show them all my pictures and for reals it makes me miss you guys heaps but i just gotta get hard because you know im just soft like that hahahaha but yeah thanks for the email family....i was dying to hear from you guys. im doing good. working hard ae. i dont think ive everydone anything harder than this in my entire life. the mission seriously breaks you down till you have nothing left but the lord to depend on and from there your testimonies just grows. ive had a few opportunities thus far to see this gospel, this knowledge that we sometimes take for granted change peoples lives family and its the best thing. to see the atonement of Jesus Christ change a persons life and to see it give them hope is the best thing to see. I know that this Church is true im so grateful for our Savior and his sacrifice. im so grateful for your examples and for your willingness to continue to always want to be better. Family im good as. things are hard but every day it gets better. we get home at night and everynight i want to die! hahaha and every morning its so hard to wake up but when i get on my knees to pray thats when i get my strength. things arent about me anymore. even though i have no idea about what is going on cuz they are speaking a language that is out of it hahaha i know that the lord prepares people and its our job to always be worthy of the spirit and to always be worthy of its promptings because its only through the promptings of the spirit where we will have success. we are teaching this lady paola everyday we visit her she always has a glow to her and she shares with us everyday something new that she has learned from the book of mormon and it has really strengthend my testimony to see people with absolutely nothing, but so happy with this gospel, I know its true. This up coming week we got two more baptism...hahhaahaha i got to sing "I like to look for rainbows"....everybody hear is tone deaf so everywhere we go i sing for everybody hahaha and they just think im the coolest thing hahahaha but yeah family i love you guys. George thanks for your letters bro. i love you dog and go hard with everything. always be an example bro because even when you dont know it you are planting seeds bro. i love you .a quote that i like goes...we dont know everything but we know enough and bro we have the gospel and elder holland teaches us to cleave on to the things you know bro. I love you dog and i´ll give my companion a hiding for you hahahaha watch over as bro and teach him everything you know dog. You guys are big time bu!!! going to make awesome missionaries. Perfect your talents because the lord needs u to use them. keep going hard in everything dog. love you.
Ash! sup bulleh....dont tell me your dumb as nacho lines hahahaha but bro they were pretty crackup i must admit hahaha sole i hope you being one good boy. hows basketball coming? rip it up bro. sole your the man just dont let it get to your head. always be humble. be good to lia and always love her k.
Family tell lia that i love her and i miss her. Theres this little girl in my ward looks exactly like her and i like cry everythime i see her cuz i always get reminded of lia but tell her that i miss her and i love her. Tell gramz that i love her and ive been getting all her dear elders, and i got one of dads dear elders i dont know the date on it but ya i got one from him. i hoped you guys like the pictures. mum im fine. dont worry about me k. hahahaha its all good. but family i love you all so very much and remember to love each other. Thank you for you sacrifices for me to be here. i love you all and the Church is true.
Oh and famz i only get an hour and a bit but i gotta write President every week and that takes a while but im good for reals but if your really want to hahaha like pop tarts and just goodies like anykine goodies for reals. and my shoes will be sweet uncle martin bought me a pair when i was with him and they are the real deal haha the adapter works sweet as and yeah you guys are nails hahahaha i love you guys
Elder kaka

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