Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monday 11 April, 2011

What’s up family!!!

Just feels like yesterday we talked!!! bahahaha sorry about it!!! lol was good though ae to hear from you guys the other day....i knew you were going to be worried mum so sweet as girl....but the update for all sis. may called me and i pretty much just told her and let her know that its something that i wanna she understood me ae...she said she´ll fight my case and try get me yeah i didn’t end up going in today....sis. Mays going to talk with headquarters in Utah and then she´ll let me know. hahaha but yeah other than that I’m all good ae....good as to hear from you guys today. sounds like you guys went have one chill week....crackup as reading all the car accident stories....hahaha little buggers wrecking everything ae?? hahaha...ash bro tried lying ae?? father like son bro...hahhahaha i did the same thing bro...said i was reaching down to change the song on my ipod but really went fall asleep! hahaha sorry bout it! crack up tho. at least you told the truth bro that’s the main thing.....hori on for samoa bro?? thats mean bro...gotta send me some clips ba.. go hard this break..keep busy and use your time wisely my brother....mean as too that you’re going to japan...for how long is this trip?? who else is going with you??? well family really there’s no reason to worry about me for real’s.....I’m honestly sweet as...just a few things that i wanted to get done so its all good......not really that bothered haha...focused hard as in the work...for real’s so don’t worry. wake up earlier to study and read when i know we might have to leave to some doctor contacts in the hospital with random people and always trying to make up for lost time....really there is nothing more important to me than being a missionary. We will be having interviews this week and president has given all of us a question to think about to answer in our interview....and the question is...what is your vision as a missionary?? and this question has really made me think a lot this whole week in what my vision is as a missionary...and what i came to conclude is that as missionaries we are called to preach repentance and baptism by immersion for the remission of sins by someone who has the authority to do so for a reason.....because nothing else matters..nothing else will ever matter....the lord himself has said that there is NO greater gift than salvation....which only comes thru this as a missionary i am called of god and ordained and set aside from the world and its problems to bring about gods work and glory... nobody says it better than Jacob and Joseph as they tried to persuade there brothers to come unto Christ as they said, "And we did magnify our office unto the Lord, taking upon us the responsibility, answering the sins of the people upon our own heads if we did not teach them the word of God with all diligence; wherefore, by laboring with our might their blood might not come upon our garments; otherwise their blood would come upon our garments, and we would not be found spotless at the last day." ...this has become my vision here on the mission that i continually with diligence and hard work try to not only fulfill my calling as a missionary but magnifying it by taking upon me the responsibilities of the sins of people that i have been called to serve so that they may be able to return one day to our father in heaven... i love missionary work and learn so much every day....i learn so much that my brain is too small to remember it all!!! Hahaha, but for real’s family im doing good as....have been having a lot of success thru this family...they are just machines....have given us all kinds of references.....half of them aren’t that great but the point is that this family have the desires and feel the need to share the gospel....they are so’s made our job so easy cuz they go look for people and set appointments for us in the morning and after we study and after lunch we just go over to their house and just teach all the people they find!!! hahaha don’t have to do nothing but teach,,,, no knocking doors or walking heaps or getting dirty or sweaty but’s been awesome....we actually do have a kid named dixon that they have found for us who is really good.....comes from a hard life and can tell that the lord has really prepared him to receive us...he’s 17 goes to high school but works three different jobs just to help his mum and his family make ends meet! really rough scruffy kid but has really soft heart and has really taken to the gospel....with all his problems and with all the things he has to do has always found time to meet with us, read, pray, and go to church...he loves it and has told it makes him so it’s been awesome as to teach this as fella too...keeps asking me to arm wrestle him and do a push up contest! lol funny as....but yeah that’s been and my companion are getting along good....better at least...still heaps of things that we need to do to better our relationship but at least we getting better....our house is an flippin igloo!!!! For real’’s starting to get cold again and at nights and in the morning its cold as....yesterday it was like 20 degrees!! i was freezing hard....but it’s hot as today so we are just in that time of year...but family i love you guys ae....thank you all for everything....mum and dad was good talking to you fellas..dont worry bullehs...thanks for all that you continue to do and sacrifice to have me here happily serving the lord...i strive to better myself each day and represent ash, and lia...i love u guys good kids okay. love each other and look after each other..i love you guys so much....send my love to gramz...hope she has a mean as trip. but i love you my beautiful family, until next week. with all my love,
Elder conway kanahele kaka

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