Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter family!!!

kia ora family!!! fa whats up with all the maori words this week??? Thought yous were plastic?? hahaha shot on the harakeke bro... lol well awesome to hear from you guys once again....for reals i missed you guys too ae this past week....home sickness i think is something i´ll never get used straight up....I’ve been here for ages and still get homesick! lol just now I’ve learnt how to cope with it and what to do to help me get over it so it’s all good.... was having a good laugh reading about george and dad being in the same class....fa thats gotta be crackup as! dumb buggers! hahaha dad will you be there when i get home bro??? funny stuff man, but first off i need to let you all know that here on the mission we have changed our mailing address! so if you guys want to send me anything, letter, package, or anything thru the mail you need to send it to this address okay!

Mision Chile Santiago Norte
Sucursal Correo Patronato Casilla 60
Santiago Chile

But yeah for we are good....yesterday actually was the last day of the transfer and i can’t believe that I’ve already been here for 6 weeks....its nuts man for real’s. i will be starting my 12th transfer here in the field. for us we have 16 transfers in the two years which mean that i only have four left! that’s so crazy....i remember my first change with my trainer elder carrasco and that felt like eternity!!! Honestly that felt like two years in its self but since then time has surely flown...i have no idea where it all has gone. elder marquez, elder rosenlof, elder snider, elder peck, and now elder payne. 6 extraordinary missionaries that have shaped me into the man that i am today...i have learnt so much from each one of my companions and have come to better understand what i want in an eternal companion and what it takes to be successful in a in the mission we get our calls for the changes of companions and stuffs the last night of transfers (Sunday) in the night time and last night I’m not going to lie....a little bit of me wanted a change..Me and my companion get along but i just wanted out you so at 11 30 at night we got the call and we were told that we would be together for another 6 weeks! lol the answer that i was small kine dreading for real’s i was a little bit uneasy, and a little bit mad. We are honestly the two most different people that you could find here on earth, have nothing in common what so ever. in spite of all our differences i honestly have learnt the most in my mission being with him....i have learnt more about myself and my weakness and truly have had to strive and fight to overcome my natural man and my natural habits to make things work. a lot of problems that i have had here on the mission has always been outside of my companionship, problems with the ward, with the sector, with investigators with things that I’ve hadn’t had to deal with all day every day. So being here with elder payne has truly helped me become more of a ChristLike person. having to be with him every minute of the day has blessed me with constant opportunities to better myself....being with him has been like a purifying process....I’ve been able to see a lot of my weakness, and I’ve had to make plans to better them....daily i put goals on how i can be a more charitable, humble, virtuous, obedient, faithful person to help me better serve him....things from making his bed, helping him with his Spanish, to not even thinking bad about him. i have a huge as list that i go through every morning before i start my day to remind me what i need to do and i go through it at night right before i pray to see how it went and it really has helped me not only "do" as Christ but to "be" as he was. Somedays i do better than others but I’ve been able to really come to see the power that comes thru the atonement as i repent and try better the next day. This scripture has been my scripture this past transfer and it’s in 3nephi 27:27 and Jesus says, "Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even das I am." Jesus has invited all to be like him and what better opportunity do i have than to be here in this sector with my companion. i know that these next six weeks won’t be the best but they surly will be worth it in helping me purify myself and become a more Christ like person.....i really have been happy with my success and enjoy the growth that i am able to make here ae family. i love this mission and honestly am happy as to be here...but yeah other than that everything is all good. we actually have had a few baptisms...ill send the photos....and we are having heaps of success ae....have a lot of people to teach and are really just in that phase of the work! Teaching! Which is better than walking all day and knocking doors so I’m grateful as....our convert family has been awesome...been helping us big time and we actually already have baptized a friend of arturo ( the dad). arturo himself baptized him yesterday and was just a great sight to see....he blessed the sacrament as well in sacrament and there’s nothing better to see than those people you have brought into the gospel flourish....but yeah that’s us here....things are going way better in the ward and life is just good what else! oh i did the haka too this past week in zone class by myself and was three mean!! lol was small kine crimz but i still get em ba....thing was that i lost my voice for the whole week and it’s just starting to come back! lol but yeah that’s us ae.... my times up and just wanted to let you know family that i love each one of you. mum dad, george, ash and lia! i love you guys heaps and i go hard every day to represent our family....always remember who we are and what we stand one another and take care of each other....lets always strive each day to be like our savior Jesus Christ, i know that he lives and that he does love us, but family let grandma know that i love her....thank her for her letter today ya! but until next week my beautiful family, with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaká

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