Monday, January 31, 2011

Sup family!!!

fa small kine panicking ba!!! hahaha sweet as though i knew that there had to have been a few technical difficulties so sweet but yeah famz....thanks for the letter source of strength for the week so it was exactly what i need to all sound very well. Your letters are perfect! Make me miss you but it doesn’t make things harder cause as soon as i leave this internet booth every Monday. it’s all on! no wineing or crying or feeling bad for myself but just straight up hard work! So sweet as family....good to hear that dad is still two mills!! Shot bro....somebody has to be right?! hahaha but yeah i talked with that fabiola lady the other day and she told me about the whole conversation that you guys had...hahaha i was cracking up hard when she was telling me....she felt like a retard but she loves me and wanted to express herself to you guys! lol but yeah family i do use up my whole time writing you guys, and i have no problem doing so....there’s nobody else worth writing so it’s sweet as....actually justyn wrote me the other day and said...."what i stink or what??" lol felt really bad so i shot him off a quick one that day....i still keep in touch every now and then with the boys....wes, john, just, tima, and matt, kohl too sometimes and its crackup as to hear from them all ae. but yeah yesterday we had changes and crackup story...., this whole past week i knew that our transfer was coming to an end so i started visiting all the members and all the people i love saying bye and all you know...getting there addresses and all telling them that I’ll come back to see them, that i love them and just making people cry and all that yeah that’s all i did pretty much this whole week thinking that was going to leave you know. cuz a companionship for three transfers is really rare so i was sure that i was gone....but yeah so we get home last night at 10....waiting for changes to come in....and at 11:15 comes around we get a call from our zone leaders and they say that all of us will be staying!!! hahaha it was crackup as.....i look at elder peck and i was like frik were going to be hating each other by the end of this change! lol so yeah....we will be staying together for another 6 weeks and we are excited ae....excited to try new things...right now our sectors having a hard time but we just need to think outside of the box and do what no other missionary has done here before to find new yeah we will have been together for 4 and a half months by the end of this transfer!!! hahaha crackup ae....and the bloody honduras guy is still with us so its mean as....we have good times ae....when it’s time to work we work hard!!! but when its time to play we go even harder and we´ve had some good times together so were all happy....the shame part is going back to all the members and having to say bye again but in only 6 weeks later! its gonna suck but sweet as....but yeah family that was my week... lately I’ve been able to see how our testimonies are really kind of like us on escalators....they are always moving, if not up, down...that if we don’t strive to do the little things and take our own little steps up the escalator to eventually reach the top, then we will only be still, descending with it gradually as it carries us to the very bottom.. we can’t be passive about things..This gospel is a living gospel and requires action. And that’s the beauty of it that we have each day opportunities to either act or to be acted upon to strengthen or weaken our own testimonies. I’ve been able to see how it all starts with the little things....there’s a bishop here who was released about 5 yrs ago from being bishop here in this ward who has made me better understand the reality of this concept. when i first got here three months ago he was an active member of the church...going every Sunday you know, teaching our investigators class and coming out with us at least 3 times a week to work and then it was just thru the little things that he stopped doing that ended up hurting him big time....i remember my third week here he got a job that required him to work Sundays and late nights, which always made him busy and unavailable not only for us but for his own family.....we would go over and you could just tell that there was a different spirit in the house....little by little this brother started to fall...we went by his house this past week to say bye to him and it was so sad.....his wife and kids had moved out and now living with her mum and he was just there all sad and lonely! saddest thing I’ve ever doesn’t matter who we are we will fall if we don’t do the little the space of three months we saw this cycle take a full turn and its so real.....if we do the things we know we need to do we will be protected grow learn and progress but if we don’t its the complete opposite! i love this brother so much and we expressed our love for him...he knows what he has to do so we´ll so how it goes...but I’m so grateful for the i know that it is true with all my so grateful to be hear and strive to be better each day....lets go out and kill it this week ae....mum and dad i love you guys heaps...thanks for everything that you guys do..Keep the famz strong and going hard...georgie boi sole i love you bro tell mona that i love her to ae!! hahaha na bro just make sure you be a good boy bro...and love your little bros and sisters...ash and lia you mahulanis!!! hahaha you lil buggers hard!!! Keep being good kids and love each other okay!!! i love you all so much...send gramz my love...but i gots to go now. Until next week my beautiful family!!! With all my love,

Elder Conway kauimua Kanahele Kaka

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