Monday, January 17, 2011

Aloha family!!!

Another week come and gone and here i am again happy as ever getting to hear from my beloved family members.....awww ive missed yous hard ae! hahaha for reals its been along and busy week but keen as to go even harder for another one. it was great reading your guyes letters this week...alot of good stuff happening ae...and a few surprises i see....moving to kaaawa???? ae????? stuff that!!! frik imma be coming home to a shack!? lol.......haha na jokes hard...i totally understand why and where your coming from and i fully support it....sacrifices is a very special topic to me! lol no but for reals...mum you said something that i liked you said..."this really is a short sacrifice for a long term reward" and its on the mission this topic of sacrifice gets thrown around know alot of people talk about us being away from the family which is a great sacrifice right....all the mission rules which of some make it seem like we have to sacrifice alot, and just missonary work in its self...having to walk all day every day makes some people look at what we do as a huge sacrifice....but let me tell you guys the way that i look at sacrifices......they are opportunities! opportunities for what??? opportunities to grow, opportunities to strengthen our testimonies, opportunites for us to willingfully let the lord bless the end these sacrifices which are looked at as giving up something valuable are ways that our loving heavenly father uses to bless his children. the mission up to this point in my life has been the hardest thing that ive ever done.the biggest sacrifice that ive ever given... and in the beginning it felt like a huge sacrifice with no reward....i couldnt understand how not seeing my family for two years was going to bless me, i couldnt understand why missoinary work had to be so hard, but knowing that i was sacrificing all this for the lord was the only reason why i kept doing matter the size or difficulty of the task i always wilingfully did unadequate as i have always felt i have always trusted in the lord and done what ive had to do....sacrificed where it was needed and family in the end i have come to realize that i havnt sacrificed anything....matthew 10:39 says "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."the lord has only blessed me beyond that which i can imagine thru what i thought was me sacrificing alittle bit of sweat, homesickness, and sleep for him. i have come as you could say found my life here in chile. just as i thought that i was serving the lord, i humbly came to know that he has only been serving me. opportunities for more blessings is the way that i see it so sweet as family....hahaha it will be alittle bit weird but sweet soorry for the story time but thats our lesson for this week. hahaha
but yeah family got the packages...them both and thanks for everything ae....all the goodies are almost gone! hahaha but thank you...quick question....about the ipod....was the screen cracked when you sent it too me??? just wanted to know if it happend on the shipping but everthing works all good....thanks for the videos ae family....awesome as ae....talented family man...i´ll be expecting more so keep making them the sound sounds amazing!! sounds like a studio bro!!! fa rich maoris ae....shot on the keks...tell gramz to thanks for her box....i put the tree up and all and decorated everything so its allgood....gave all the boys there presents too and they were really thank you so much grandma for being so thoughtful....and yeah bro if you can put up videos on my blog that would be mean....the last one of yous was good....mean as hawaiian song....reminds me of high school lunch time they used to jam all kine hawaiian stuff on the surrond system(cuz we are rich like that) in the cafe and that song was played alot...but mean as boys...sounds like all is going well.....ash keep balling it up bro....step up when your given opportunities bro and represent hard....and yeah the rice here is actually good as...they cook it with alot of flavors and stuff and it comes out mean as...i´ll make some when i get home...but yeah other than that i was a regular hard as week and peck still having a hard time finding people but we are trying to work with our members so they can help us in bringing to pass this great and marvolus work....funny as story...went to a familys house who just love us....went in there and just you know was talking with them and all having some mean as laughs talking with the kiddies and all and then the pops told me to come i went out and him and seven of his boys from his mission prep class just grabbed me and stripped me of my phone, wallet, tie and shoes and crap and threw me in there pool thingy!!!dressed up hard in church clothes and all hahaha it was crackup as....i was mad as at first you know....thats no way to treat a missionary but it was crackup....i really love these people here in our ward and sector... like for reals they are like family to me and with changes coming up im really dreading it ae......i really dont want to leave but idk i think its my time....whatever happens happens but i hope i can stay here a lil bit longer.

but yeah family thats us...i miss you and love you guys hard....mum and dad thanks for everything ae....nothing that makes me more happy then to hear of my own family doing the right things and striving eachday to be you guys so ash and lia....i love you fellas good kiddies cuz everybody is watching us. george and ash take care of your sister. lia be a nice girl k.....dont be witchy k! hahaha but i love you guys. tell grandma that i love her and miss her too k....but thats me you guys hard and ill talk to you guys next week, with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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