Monday, January 24, 2011

Sup family!!!
lol well was a good letter from you guys ae.....and some good photos...that’s such a cool goal that you guys have set to go hiking at least once a cool man for real’s...i was so jealous looking at those beautiful Hawaii ae....we are so blessed to live in such a place...can’t wait to come home already!! bahahaha naa...but sounds like you all are doing good....i love your guys letters so much....they like mine are great sources for me of know on the mission there’s a lot of challenges but there’s nothing more motivating then hearing from you family and seeing that they are doing their part and trying to put in their part and be their thank you family for’s funny too cuz i can full on tell when i read the letters who is who even without reading at the bottom of each letter whos its from....ash always has his crackup as lines....there good bro have me laughing hard here in the internet cafe place and everybody just gives me stink as eyes....George will always mention something to show how he’s a hori bugger or tough or tired.,....hahaha shot on the keks bro. lia will say that she loves me and misses me in a hundred different ways...and i personally love it thanks lia....and mum will always mention something about her stress or how dumb she thinks she is even though she’s not and dad will always say something about failing on their diet that week but how they´ll start again the next week...hahaha dad will always give details too in the things that happened that week that mum doesn’t already mention...hahaha i love it ae....what i love most though, is the personal progress that i see in each one of you guys each week...and the spiritual experiences that you have had that Sunday or thru out the week and how it has strengthened your testimonies my favorite part of your thank you very much family for being such a great support and source of strength, but yeah this week was aright hahaha another hard as mother week ae....i get letters from all the boys and the work in other parts of the world seems so much easier where they are serving you know what i mean....i try not to let that get to me but sometimes it does..but its good. if anything makes me just want to work harder you know...hahaha but yeah nothing new...i think we´ve knocked every door in our sector about 5 starting to not only know people by face but by names its crackup...we had changes for the day and my zone leader came to our sector and we were walking thru the street and i said hi to like 12 people calling them by name and my zone leader asked me...."are they members?" and i was like oh no...Then he was like are they investigators? And i was like no! hahaha i told them they’re just people that I’ve talked to a thousand times and that i see every day and that ive gotten to know....he was cracking up hard couldn’t believe is funny though cuz from like from Maria who works in the hair cut store on one corner of our sector, to Jose and his crew of little ganster bumbs to the other corner of the sector are all people that we know...still yell the same dumb jokes to us or will always ask the same questions as we walk past there store but it never gets old ae....we got changes this week too so i think im out...three months here and i really don’t wont to leave...but it has to be one of us and pres. likes to leave the young missionaries in sectors to be able to lead them so they can grow and stuff so i think im done ae...hahahaha yesterday in church it hit me and I’m really not looking forward to it ae....i love this ward and all the members. but what happens, happens. We had lunch with our bishop yesterday.....such a cool guy...humble, and smart as...lives with his wife and two kids in a small as worse than the molokai shack and hes just the happiest guy ever ae....poor as fella and barely makes ends meet but I’ve never met anybody as happy as him, someone so willing to sacrifice, serve and give in spite of his problems....but yeah so we ate lunch with him yesterday and every time we go over there we always have good spiritual talks you know....not like anything profound but the spirit is always strong as we share with his family...and he said something to us yesterday...something that I’ve always known but just hit me in a different way yesterday...he said....."you don’t really know what something is until you actually live it." and its so´ll never know how to swim until you actually try right...just like you´ll never know the truthfulness of the gospel until you actually live it and put its principles to practice...and what hit me was that as a missionary I’ve come to know all these things for myself...i know for myself that this church is true. i really know for myself that god is our father and that he loves each and every one of us. i know that from this love he sent our savior Jesus Christ who has made it possible for us to be happy, and these things i know not because somebody else told me but because I’ve lived and have come to really know and feel that these things our true. There is no other way family to know unless you do can’t know that the book of Mormon is true until you not only read it but study it and ponder in what it says and ask god.....Gordon b Hinckley said "that our testimonies are either increasing or decreasing, they’re never staying still"..we are either going up or going down and its a process that we go through order to really know and increase our testimony we need to live what we believe, daily!! it’s the formula to spiritual success and strength, there’s no other way to be steadfast or immovable other than to actually practice what we preach. something i strive to achieve each day here on the mission and it has blessed me so much...I’m so grateful to be here ae....i know i say it every week but seriously theres no other place in the world that id rather be than here being a servant of our lord and savior Jesus Christ...there’s no other place...not even with you guys, nor at the gym lifting weights, or with my friends or even with the prettiest girl in the world because nothing else right now really isnt worth it...i know that our savior lives and loves us. a testimony that nobody can take away from me. family i love each and every one of you guys and am so grateful for all that you guys have done for me...for you love and support... let this week be one full of growth and learning.. mum and you guys so much thanks for everything ae....for raising us kids good....I’m sorry for being an egg at times during the years but ive always tried to be a good boy cuz i love you guys to much to see you hurt. just know that I’m trying to better myself each day k. george ash and lia...go hard you good kids and love each really don’t know how much you love something until its be kind and loving to each other k....represent hard you fellas. send my love to gramz and all the famz....but i gots to go family..hear from yous next week ae....with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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