Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey family!!!

what an awesome letter ae thank you fellas heaps...honest..i know i always say it but your letters mean so much to me....but sounds like the week was a great wholesome one....filled with a lot of busy stuff ae....i can’t believe that the kids are growing up so fast...for real’s ash and them already in cheer fest??? what the crap...just seems like the other that george had his first one...but yeah thanks for the pictures and video as well dad...awesome bro..Thanks heaps. But yeah got the package...thank you family...i actually got a package from ammaron patane as ae....fa his a cool guy man..Wrote him along as thankyou letter. but yeah I’m so excited to have the new scriptures...marking them up hard ae...crackup cuz that’s all i want to do in my free time is read attitude that we should always have...but yeah thanks family...just keeping my eye open for new shoes...Barbara my convert works in a shoe store so I’ll try hit her up for deals but one more thing...can you guys in the last batch of meds send some more face wash stuff please thanks mum...the skins getting better..Taking ages but getting better so that’s the main thing. but yeah that’s all hahahaha spoiled bugger ae. sorry bout it...
Well how was that general conference!?? massive dad it’s still like a boys to men concert...for real’s people fighting for seats and just no christlikeness at all in the sense of charity or love when it comes to sitting in the front....hahaha its so crackup cause only here on the mission. But it was such an awesome experience again. i can’t believe that i used to fall asleep thru these but there was so many things that were said that i liked, but the one thing most that i loved was that we need to focus on the basics....i can’t remember who said it...cuz i watched all 5 sessions hahaha but that was something that i really on the mission if anything that’s one thing that has gotten me thru all my the basics...elder Neil l Anderson said that we might not know everything, BUT we know enough! and it’s true....I’m not that smart, i can’t speak the language THAT great (almost sound like a Chilean...your hardest Spanish accent by the way) but what i do know is enough!!!! the basics...i know that our savior lives, i know that thru and only thru his atonement is where we can one day return to the presence of heavenly father. i know that this is the only true church on the face of the earth and that today we have a living prophet that sees and speaks with our loving heavenly father....these are something’s that nobody else can take away from me....the family i just want to invite you guys to each day do and live the basics...there’s so many people who are clueless so let’s be examples of the believers...but for me and elder snider we are still doing good as ae....he loved his neckalace ae...for real’s and started crying when he read the letter...that’s pretty good cuz he’s not to of an emotional guy so thanks ae for the’s been another hard as week. a investigator that we’ve been teaching for a month now that was supposed to get baptized next week straight up told us to get was so sad...we went over and she told us she doesn’t want anything to do with the church...there’s nothing more hurtful than to see an investigator progress receive the blessings for exercising her faith and being obedient than straight up stop and have no interest in what we have to share let alone not even let us in the that was a hard blow for us....everybody has their agency though we are more sad than anything but maybe one day adelante (lol cant think of the word..sorry bout it) but yeah so all the other investigators that we have didn’t come to the conference either so we might have to drop them and show are faith and look for those elected....hard stuff man hahaha but its the life. Still just working hard to find new people...we found a inactive member and were trying to work with him and re active his family...he’s got a few daughters and a nephew that can get baptize so it should be good. we went and did a service project there the other day and it’s so kapulu how the chileans work...for real’s eye measure everything and just pound a thousand different kind nails in to keep the thing still....we helped clean out a room that hasn’t been occupied for years cuz there going to move in and we made like shelves and window frames but it was awesome to show this father how much we really wanted to help him...he’s so lost...smokes drinks and the whole deal but he served a mission so us being around him has really helped him remember and feel the spirit again....i love these people ae...hard to explain but i think about how i can help them all the time....goes with all the people that we are blessed to meet here and as we get to know them and their becomes our everything.....just how missionary work works...but I’m so grateful to be here. I’m so grateful for each and every one of you guys are my everything...mum and dad thanks for all that you guys do....i love you guys so much....keep striving to better yourselves and keep the family going hard. george ash and lia i love you guys so much....I’m so proud of the progress you guys have made...i can see it as i read each one of your letters. i listen to your guys songs everyday and i miss your guys voices. just to have them in my presence has been a great blessing to me lately....keep going hard you watch over the kids bro and love them.. I’m so proud of you are the man uce...ash i can feel your humility as i read your letters bro...keep it up and push yourself always...send me more videos on the next usb k....lia your sweet spirit has and will always be felt...make sure to all ways share okay my darling...i love you so much honey...send my love to gramz k....tell here thanks for all the letter that i receive each week...but yeah family i love you guys so times running out so I’ll catch you guys up next week...thanks for everything. Love yous hard. shottie shot shot
Elder kanahele kaka

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