Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey family!!!!

fa how you guys doing??? great i hope...great letters from you guys this week...sounds like alot going on...haha gave me a few good laughs which is the most important....but sounded like you counting my days bro hahahaha 10 months and 11 day you reckon bro??? fa whata sad dude...try not to remind me ae....and yeah mum hit me up with some more face wash k...heaps just of the blue scrub stuff....but yeah other than that im good as...along week you guys dont even know...alot of stuff have gone done so i better start off letting you guys know..
We’ve had another good week...i don’t know if you guys remember brian...the kid that we baptized a few weeks ago??? well we baptized his mum on Sunday and it was just such an spiritual journey with teaching them was the weirdest thing....her husband died a few years ago and after that she just gave up all hope and faith...didn’t want nothing to do with god and just didn’t understand why her you know...but she let us teach her that’s what we did...we started working with him..every time we taught him the mum always listened but never participated....didn’t really want anything to do with us...but when we baptized brian we invited the mum and she ended up coming....and at his baptism that’s when it pretty much happened...she came and saw everything and when i baptized him she just started to gotta understand that this lady is a hard nut...when her husband died she didn’t even shed a tear so for us when we saw that we couldn’t believe it ae...but last week we went by and she told us the real reason why she was crying....she said that one lesson we asked brian if he wanted to see his dad again...and he said yes...and then she said that she heard me say that ...well you can and i explained that god has a plan for us to be as a family together forever and its only through following his gospel....and i invited him that day to read and pray about the book of Mormon to see if it was true cuz if yes than what we were sharing was true...and she said that she heard me say this from her room and it was that, that caught when we left her house that day she asked her son for his book and started reading it....she read the intro up to 3 nephi 11 in 4 days right up to when Jesus came and it was then where she felt that she needed to pray so she did.....and she didn’t receive her answer till her sons baptism...and she said that when she saw her son in the waters of baptism she knew with all her heart that she needed to get baptized so this past week when we went by she told us that this Sunday she wanted to get baptized....a miracle family i tell you were saying dad this is a conversion that we all need to experience and when we do we become firm and guys gotta see this lady she’s a machine....organized her own baptism...from opening song to closing prayer..bore her testimony her first fast Sunday, and asked the bishop for a calling...something only the gospel can do...change lives...i have a grand testimony of the book of’s the key stone of everything that we believe in...i remember when i got my own witness from god...i didn’t see Jesus or our heavenly father but what i felt was something that i could not deny..i know without a doubt that its true and holds the plentitude of the gosple of Jesus Christ and that’s why I’m here family...its true or its not...that simple, but the only way we can find out is from asking our loving heavenly father...and that’s how basic it is....and i am so grateful for the opportunity to extend this invitation to people each and every single simple...but yet powerful...scarlet has only strengthened my testimony of here are some pic’s of us at her grateful for having had the opportunity to have brought her family the gosple...but yeah had her baptism Sunday and it was such a great way to start off you know.....then around 8 oclock a recent convert about 15 years old called us up just balling....and crying and said....elder elder help me. so i asked him where he was at and immediately we left to go look for him...we find him at the chapel just all beat....some of his brothers friends in the house had beat the crap out of him and his little brother and they had ran away from home and had nowhere to you guys don’t even know how mad i was i wanted to go over there and smash them all...i was hard out upset companion had to calm me down but i know these fwams...all little punks and they just ganged up on a fifteen year old and his lil bro who’s only 11....but we took them home and had them clean up and i gave them some of my clothes and we gave them blessings and we took them over to a members house where they stayed the night...but it was just so sad....these kids without a father...a mother who works out of town for 14 days and only comes home for 4 days then is out again for another 14...they have nothing and i just felt so grateful for the things that i have...a family...things we take for granted sometimes that other people would kill to have you today me and my comp took them out to bowl and to mcdonalds....never eaten at mcdonalds ever in their lives and of course had never gone bowling so it was a real treat for them....i took a few pics so i´ll send them to you guys...but yeah that’s what we did today....oh and guess what on Thursday i got a call from a member in the ward telling me he needed help cleaning out his yard so me and my comp went over and helped him hard for ages cutting a whole field of grass with only a shovel for ages...but he noticed that my shoes we hard out worn out and then he asked me what size i was...and my feet compared to chileans are huge so when i told him he was like...oh i got some shoes that you can have, my uncle bought them for me but they were to he went inside to get them and brought them out and they were brand new tracking church shoes....just perfect!!! guys dont even know...blessings from the heaven!!!! lol so yeah i got me a free pair of shoes so i wont be needing as ae...but yeah that was my week....i want you all to know family that i love each and single one of you’ve been the most awesome dad ae....i hope that i can be a father just like you bro when i have my own were small kine hard on me bro...but it was the only way my best friend bro...thanks for everything ae....mum i love you too...hahaha remember you wanted to show me how to cook before the mish??? lol well i should have learnt!!!! lol this past week we’ve had to cook our own lunch so it would have been a big help!!! hahaha stupid boy ae me....but im learning heaps from my comp....good as cook...but i love you mum....u the bomb girl...for reals i can’t wait to hug you and kiss you again...almost there tho...but go hard in all that you do and make sure dad wears his garments!!! sole i miss you bro....keep being a good boy and watch over the kiddies for me ae bro...teach them and LOVE them bro...i love you hard my brother..ash!!!! sole i miss you bro...keep sending me funny lines from movies ae!!!! hahahaha and make heaps of videos for me better the george bro!! hahaha just learn how to play the gat...but i love you bro...sharks only bite when you touch their private parts!!!! LIA!!!!you growing up so fast my little honey!!!! dang.. i miss you so much tho lia....i hope you are being a good girl in school and where ever you are...but i miss you heaps lia...send my love to gramz k and tell her that i miss her heaps...but i love u lia...pray for you always....but yeah family i gotta bounce i love you guys so much...hope everything’s going good....thanks for all that you guys do for me....remember who you are. love you guys with all my heart.

Elder kanahele kaka

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