Monday, October 18, 2010

Whats sup family!!!

fa what an awesome letter and an even awesome letter....blowing me away you guys are mean as bro...haven’t heard real good music like that in along as time bro...for real’s...i don’t know why but its my soft spot ae...i don’t mind it...i actually love seeing the videos more than anything but always makes me emotional!!! bahahaha somethihngs will just never change!!!! but yeah you guys are big blessed to have such a talented yeah pops send me as much songs as you can k...both video and audio ya...haha for real’s bro..but the ipod is mean as bro for real’s its really what gets me going when i need the help..just hearing your guys voices always reminds me of what kind of missionary i need to be...and it pushes me more than anything to always give my yeah all good pops..
But yeah so sounds like a lots still going on back home...right back into it ae mum...dang u go girl...remember when you were in byu and you had a hard time with you math and i used to tell easy mum!!! bahaha than i went and never got straight A`s!!?? bahahaha crackup but you’ve always been like that mum and its always been something that i admire...but keep going hard ae....and try not to take out all your anger in the home!! lol but sad as to hear about dads friend i actually got a letter from a friend back hom in NZ telling me about it and the video that yous made for him before i read your guys letter but yeah sad as....but at least we have the knowledge of what will happens after this life..but yeah ash sole’s everything in brown bags??? Still in or out? what??? You still starting on the football team??? lol bro you’ve come along way bro...keep going hard all the talent bro...just gotta cultivate it my brother...keep being humble ae...lia gotta send me those pics that you took with your friends ya..i really want to see you doing in school lia?? being a good girl??? always be nice to everyone ya...shot lia, hori bro...sole going hard??? you learn how to type yet???? I’m in a internet place right now with a bunch of other missionaries and there’s heaps of them bro who don’t know how to type and it sucks bro cuz they can only write a lil bit to their families bro and they always leave mad cuz they couldn’t write everything they want to. So learn how to type sole man...but yeah bro how’s work and all bro??? Gone on for any tofisa yet??? not to brag or anything but i was the first hamata to go on for a tofisa section in this new show...mean ae bro..hahaha before all the big dogs bro...and i was an original of the first six fireknife dancers!! bvhahahaha do you know if they came out witht he dvd yet??? if they did bro hook me up and send it too me....ask dad if he can film you to and put it on the usb so i can put it on my ipod bro!! shot...getting big as too bro...your arms look huge in the video to dads friend...working out hard still?? help ash when you can ae bro.
but yeah family my weeks been good as...yesterday in church we got there right in time before it started cuz we went looking for our investigators and they couldn’t come so we were almost late...but we got in and sat down and write before the sacrament the 1st councilor came up to me and my comp to tell us that we had to give 20 minute talks because the speakers fell thru!!! hahaha my comp was mad ae...but we had about 15 minutes to prepare and it was all there was like 150 people and i was nervous as ae...i could see though how much I’ve really grown. i prepared something small but it ended up good as.. Talked for the whole time all in said a few jokes had the people interested you know what i mean...but when i finished i was just sitting up on the stands and thinking about how far I’ve come on the mission and about all the things I’ve learnt...i got here with a little testimony you know...i knew the church was true...and in my 11 months I’ve only strengthened that testimony...I’ve come to know more of our savior Jesus Christ and what he has done for me....I’ve seen his atonement not work only in the lives of others but in my own as i have the opportunity to repent each night and better myself each day..I’ve come to gain a strong testimony of the, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost and persevering...I’ve come to gain a testimony of the restoration...that Joseph really was a prophet of god..who really did see god and his son Jesus Christ...I’ve come to gain family the knowledge of what really matters in life...the knowledge that we can be together as a family forever...and what we need to do to receive these blessings....I’m only half way but I’m so ever grateful for all the things that I’ve learnt in my very short time here serving the lord. i feel so grateful to wear his name and represent him each i love all of you guys so much...I’ve come to really appreciate here on the mission the things that matter most...and its you guys... you all are my everything....thank you all for what you do...keep going hard family and represent examples to those around youand practice what we week other than that has just been great....we just got back from a zone activity and i forgot my camera cord so sorry bout it but wont be getting any pics or week though for sure...i feel bad as...but this week was good...hard as time ....don’t have too much more people to teach...baptized them all!!!! bahahahha na but yeah just looking hard....the hardest part of the finding!! but its where you learn the most....where you really see what your made of you know what i mean...the time to show what kind of missionary you really this testing time for us will be a good one...wanna guarantee yous before next week we´ll find someone to baptize k....secret is hard work...for everything but just gotta do our thing and the lord will bless us....we actually have a lil girl that we are teaching... she loves sharing with us so we are really going to try and help her.....this non member family that we’ve been activating for some time now are another fruit of our labor....the whole family have been going back to church and their son whos 18 and was really lost in life just told me and my comp on Sunday what he needs to do to serve a it was really emotional for me to hear that from him....he’s been coming with us on divisions and all and he really has the desires now to do it so its cool the family hard ae like my own....gonna miss this place man....we have changes in 3 weeks so I’m pretty sure I’m gone ae...ill have 6 months here so that’s about max i think but we´ll see what happens...elder rosenlof my old comp wrote me today thanking me for the time that we had not going to lie but i miss that furukake one month off the mission and he’s saying he’s having a really hard time right now so he just wrote me to thank me for helping him well i was with as fella. but yeah other than that me and snider are doing good. as...found some more furniture...our house is pimp as now!!!! hahah for real’s..I’ll send pics next week ae...but yeah that’s us ae fam...sorry for writing yous late...just came back from our Did you think i forgot??? shorry bout but yeah family that’s my time...i hope all is well...keep going hard in all that you do...mum, dad thanks for everything. kiddies i love you....send my love to gramz and all the family!! i love you all hard...but i gotta bounce so until next week family. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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