Monday, June 21, 2010


sup you black maoris!!!!! cheeeehuuuuuu!!! made it through another week!!!! hahahaha hallelujah! na but yeah first off with all your questions hahaha.. i got to watch the videos just today because the computer last week didn’t work with the usb drive and thanks ae you fellahs....had me cracking up hard ae!!! ash your the man bro!!!! fa you sound flippin mean ae bro straight up I’m so shocked dog....keep going hard my little brothers I’m so proud of you guys ae....make me so jelous hahahaha you fellah’s don’t need dad anymore my little brothers hahaha spread your wings and fly solo my little ones bahahahaha na but honestly you guys are tight as....It was an awesome treat to hear the tunes from my own blood...the things that you really take for granted...means so much to me now ae...I love you guys hard. but yeah I’m excited to hear lia now!!! hahaha talented mungrals!!! keep going hard siblings!! lol do it for the maoris ae!!! lol
but yeah mum the package....I’m good with the can food i still have heaps soooooo you don’t need to send me any of those...just hook me up with allot of pop tarts....oreos the big packets, with like chips ahoy the chewy ones hahahaha and grandma sent me some hard mango lollies one time so if you can find some of those..and if you can fill the gaps with jolly both hard and soft !!! bahahaha i hope that wasn’t shy enough.. bahahaha shot know how we
but yeah family was awesome letter from you guys this week....always has me so grateful for the awesome family that i have...I’m so proud of you all...thanks for all the detail in the lunch and everything at cholos you ounces!!! frik you guys!!! bahahaha na keep hoking me up with all the details k don’t worry they don’t make me homesick if that’s what you’re thinking...there’s no homesickness anymore gotta be hard whanau!!! for reals like i get to thinking about you guys a lot but it always makes me wanna work harder and be my best....rep it for the ohana back in the islands more time for crying mum hahaha be hard and dad bro im so proud of you dog for wearing your garments bro...way to go bro...i knew you could do it bro hahahaha crackup..but yeah this week’s been crazy ae...raining like crazy and its really my first time in the rain ae and my first reaction is that we stay in the house you know but hahahaha not even like that ae...crackup we just get our walks on hard with the water past our ankles and its bloody freezing for days. knocking doors...visiting contacts and all in the straight up cold floods of Santiago Chile....its the coolest thing ae because ill never do this again so every day with every new experience just gotta go hard and give it your all....its world cup soccer season right now too and it just makes things so oooo much harder lol cant enter into any house because these soccer maniacs are always watching the its sooooooo crazy here....Chile has been winning and apparently they’re really good and you just gotta see everyone...just going, work, transportation systems, stores, and everything just shuts down and the whole country just throws’ on the meanest party lol for reals im not even exacturating ....every bodys throwing bbqs and beeping horns, people running throughout the street half naked and all kinds of crap, i have the meanest laughs as is huge here man...and i don’t know how things have been there but there’s a song that SHAKIRA made, called waca wace and it’s like the theme song of the world cup and every single day, every single hour, home that we enter is playing it or watching it and i think i know every word to it bahahahaha so crackup and its all in spanish so yeah i don’t know where its coming from but my pride for this country tends to grow with each passing day...bahahaha viva chile!!!!! lol the work is going good companion as well...still the same but he’s cool just gotta love em ae....barbara and carolina should be getting baptized this week but we don’t really know....had a few problems with the husband this past week and weren’t able to go to church so we don’t know what’s going down ae., a lesson with them this Tuesday so I’m really anxious to see what goes down...they’re awesome though ae...taught them the word of wisdom and the trashed all there tea, coffe, and ciggys!!! and here in chile those are the hardest...everyone drinks coffee and tea because its always cold but the very next day after we taught them word of wisdom they trashed everything....awesome as for reals!!! bahahaha...its been so awesome to see how the gospel has not only changed their lives in this little bit of time but how it has given them hope to carry on...we’ve only known them for three weeks and its really a miracle to see the progress that they have made and how strong their desires our to be awesome family....stuff like this always makes me so satisfied to knock a hundred doors and be rejected but to only carry on because i know that there’s people who the lord is preparing to listen to this message of the restauration.and to see them capture a eternal perspective of why we are really here you know....oh its just awesome...cant express my joy but its just cool as ae hahahaha love this work and the opportunity that i have each day to work in this part of the lords vineyard...i love this gospel and im so grateful for our savior Jesus Christ and for his atoning sacrifice that he made to save us from this spiritual separation from our heavenly father. for this infinite sacrifice that he offers to everyone that are willing to follow his council, his gospel...nobody’s perfect but we gotta strive each day to better our selves so proud of you guys and for your everything that you guys do...keep going hard in the gospel and all that you do ae....mum dad i love you guys and so grateful for all that you way to waste boyd bro....give him a hiding bro lol flippin fobsss...i miss you though my brother. keep going hard ae’re the man uce...share your talents talented buggah...ash you too dog...fa im sooooo proud of you guys ae... don’t even know my little bros.. i love you guys heaps...keep doing all the right things good examples...send my love to puna that clown hahaha...lia i love you my little sister...I’m so excited to hear your songs girl...keep learning spanish k mi negrita...le echo de meno tanto!!! mas que todo!!! bajajaja!! love you lia...but yeah my times run out family..send my love to all the family k!! i love you guys

Elder kaka kanahele

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