Monday, June 7, 2010

Kia Ora Family!!!!

I miss you guys heaps ae...was such a great joy to read your guys letters today and i was having a mean as laugh!! shot for that ae...but yeah im doing good. hahahaha this weeks still been hard but jut fighting through weve actually been having alot of success ae.....crackup cuz the hard part now is not missionary work its with my comp...this week we found heaps of peopel to teach and were teaching like every other hour in the day...and i dont wont to sound like im braggin or anything ae but im the man ae!!! first of all like what you said pops about Polynesians being blessed bro...they truely are like for me i have like a mean as skill ae to just to get to know people and to keep them interested until now i pretty much followed all my companions and the way in which they tought and i just took it as like thats how it needs to be done but this week bro i just did things my own way ae hahahaha ripped it up hard. directed like a champ and its working. i dont know if you guys remember but audrey told me before i left to just be myself and i feel right now that im being myself 100% and things have just been coming a lot more easier it was hard at first because the whole language barrier and all but.. now like i tell jokes when i teach..use mean as simple examples that people can understand principles better. and i share like my one experiences ae...i went on divisons the other day with a missionary who’s almost done as well and ive realized that many of us missionaries are like robots just reciting lines, but you cant be like that ae....were dealing with real people with real problems and i feel like ive been so blessed to have that ability to just talk with them and to be able to help them. You guys would laugh at me hard ae...because like for reals im a straight up geek in Spanish but at least im real ae...and people like that and this week we’ve been able to see a lot of success....we found 4 new investigators this week and that rearly happens here in santiago chile!!! bahahahah in our zone class people were like ae!?!?!?!?! haha couldn’t believe it ae but the mean thing is that there like investigators of quality!! hahaha like they’ve been prepared by the lord. two of them who are progressing the most right now is carolina and barabara and there sisters and there’re cool as...ones like 28 and the other is like 36 but you got to see how we were able to get into there we knocked on there door and got the regular "get lost" ...and i asked her if we could say hi really quick so she came to the door all salty made at the world and said...what!?? lol and my comp did his contact and we got the same old answer...."get lost" lol but right when she said that here other sister carolina came to the door with a guitar...and in my fob as Spanish like started talking to her about the guitar and stuff and to make along story short asked them if i could play them a song and they let me and i put on like a little concert on there front door. bahahahahah it was ugly as but we got in and were able to really get to know who they were and there needs and they accepted a baptism date for the 27 of June. my comp hasn’t had an investigator for the past 4 months and so is very excited, and experiences like this have just been happening like crazy this week...the magic word "pasen"...ive heard for the first time in along time like 5 times this week and i just have a mean as laugh...and the coolest thing family is that 3 of our investigators were able to go to church and they even were able to watch a baptism this past week so the work right now is rolling...been such a hard but awesome rewarding week and i know that this is the work of the lord. george ash, and lia i want to tell you guys that i love you so much go hard bro....pcc is an awesome place to open up and grow bro. do things that you’d never do bro. learn as much as you can in school bro and just continue to perfect your talents bro....they’re going to come in handy hard one day ashely bro become great!! hahaha because right now he’s still bubble gum! lol na but work with him bro and teach him all that you know. i so proud of you ae bro...your´ve always made me want to work harder bro. watch over your sister bro. ash!!!! hahaha sole you all over the place ae...playing basketball and now rugby!!! woiya!!! sorry bout it!! lol bro your the man bro...just gotta always remember that there’s someone better than you to make you always wanna work harder. im excited to get your songs ae....i got a usb from gramz with all the pics and videos and stuff so that was a good treat so tell her thank you for me k...but keep going hard in all that you do bro....heard you was one ripper!!! oh sorry bout it then lol keep learning and growing bro. listen to mum and dad k little man. But be good bro and strengthen your testimony always k. im so proud of you bro and i love you heaps.....hi lia!!!! i cant believe you never like go in the water because you thought there was one shark!!!! omg you are one big panty!!! hahahaha na im just joking but lia thanks for your sweet loving letter.... i had a little cry ae....i just wanted you to know that i love you so much!!! YOUR my HERO!!! en serio vato!!! lol pero tiene que mejorar tu espanol para que podamos comunicarnos, esta bien??? lol thats your little home work for the week...translate that k! hahaha but keep being a good girl k honey. saw all your may day pics and your so beautiful!!! listen to mum dad and your brothers k....mum and dad i love you guys....mum still haven’t got the package but im pretty sure ill get it tomorrow! and im glad u guys got my video...ill make more and some them next week k...but heres a few pics and a few old videos so i hope you guys like them! but i love you guys heaps and i go hard every day to make you guys proud. Thanks for your guys service for me to be here..oh i took out 60 bucks today need some sorry bout it!!! but yeah worked perfectly=) but i gotta bounce. love you guys!!!!

Elder Kanahele

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