Monday, June 6, 2011


okay so i know that I’ve never done this before but i can’t write you guys this week...jacked up well quick update. i was called last night by president to be a new zone leader.!!!!!! crappnig my pants big time.... my comp is named elder Anderson and yeah we just got here and the rule is that we gotta be done by five and its 4;53! Sorry family. but im happy as....actually nervous as crap....gonna be a great experience tho.....have to be obedient hard core now!!!! yikes!!! lol na but the lord blesses us when we obey him. Hard as leaving my last sector! for real’s was a real surprise....went and said bye to all my members but yeah love the mission so much...honestly have truly come to love these people here, but i love you family so much keep going hard in all that you’re doing. Rip em bah! but gtg until next week. love you famz!
actually were able to stay here a lil bit longer! yeah....

okay so really quickly family, good as to hear from you guys.....such a great comfort, and strength for me here knowing that my family is supporting me ae.....not to many elders who are blessed like me to have a family like you guys, actually there’s none! but straight up true dad.....started together, finished together!!!! shot bro. love you guys hard ae.....thanks for everything ae dad....for real’s bro you and mum have been the most bomb parents ever bro.....parenting in today’s world is not a easy thing and you guys have been awesome bro. really you and mum are my best friends and i love you guys so much ae. Throughout my life I’ve been faced with a lot of temptation but always chose to do what’s right for the love that you guys have had for us.... i loved you guys so much that i never was interested in doing anything that wouldnt make you guys happy. Just know bro that i strive daily ae to represent bro..but yeah bro love you guys heaps ae...but yeah family i am now a zone leader in the zone called, quiliqura! there’s twenty elders and five sisters here who we over see, teach, and serve. I’m nervous as ae...never felt so inadequate before. Excited as tho to learn and serve. Now’s the time more than ever to trust more in the lord. It was hard saying bye to elder payne....was a great companion. in spite of all our differences, i don’t think I’ve learnt more from any other person here on the mission other than him. Straight up being with him changed my life. ah....we were having crazy success recently too...for real’s got 4 sure baptisms coming up in this month but now 2 other missionaries get to enjoy them. Elder payne also left the sector! hahaha he was mad about that too.....we sung by too arturo and his family and it was so sad saying bye to them....we got there and they were all balling! straight up was way hard....this past fast Sunday they all got up and bore there testimonies. Family sitting there it hit me really how especial the calling is, to be a missionary. Within the space of only three months this family’s lives have changed. i felt so grateful to the lord in that moment for having been able to be a tool in his hands in helping this family know of this gospel. Something that i will never forget. the spirit was so strong as they all stood up one by one from the father to the littlest child of 4 years old testifying of the things that they know are true. They were real short and simple but one of the memories that i will cherish forever. family i love this work so much ae.... i don’t even know where to begin or even how to explain it but i love and am and will ever be grateful for these two years. God lives, Jesus is the truth, this is his gospel, and the way has been prepared. This is it. We have it all. there’s nothing else that we need to do or know, but to follow him. Jesus is the one, the only redeemer and savior of the world. May we strive to be more like him each day. i love you all family.... i know that this church is true with all my heart, and soul. No doubt about it. So grateful for all that you guys have done for me...keep going hard. Love and take care of one another. Send my love to all the famz. but family love you guys. got a bunch of pics and vids but ill send them next week okay. gauranzz next week ba. but until then. with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

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  1. el nuevo lider de zon,, que vacan!!! yo te lo dije bro!!