Thursday, May 12, 2011


Awesome day ae yesterday! lol it was sooooo good to talk to you guys for real’s...i miss you all so much....just being able to see you all and hear from all of you made my day. Yesterday i realized that if anything I’ve really come to love and appreciate all of you more....we have been so blessed with so many things but with the most important- a family who loves and cares for one another....not something you can find just any where here in our world and I’m just so very grateful to have been one of those very few blessed..Every body’s big and growing up.....ash your huge now, lilia you a pretty swan and george bro, how’d you get on the bus bro???? that’s three mean...... did they tell you first that they were going to put it on or what??? Did you guys have photo shoot? Just mean though bro.....looking good to bro in all your pics... but ye mum and dad you guys look good as..gramz too!! it was hard as trying to get focused again last night but all good today...right back into the swing of things so sweet as....6 months left!!!! a very scary thought...i really can’t imagine how my life would be if i did not come on a mission.....i feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to come here and learn of and know our savior Jesus Christ....has marked and changed my life...i feel much more safe and secure with my life now knowing what i now need to do and more importantly how to be in spite of what happens to one day return to the presence of our heavenly father. this is the way and there is no other by which we can return to him without the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ, that thru this we can repent to receive and maintain the gift of the holy ghost to receive guidance and power to change our very natures to one day be perfect! i know with no doubt family that this gospel is real! And that it is true. i love you ae family. thanks for all that you guys do to support me out here serving the sure has been a great learning experience for all of us ae...let’s all represent hard. but yeah family not much to say to yous other than that....let’s have a good week this week and well be hearing from each other next week ae...take care of each other and love one another. Send my love to everyone. With all my love my beautiful family,

Elder kanahele kaká..

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