Monday, May 16, 2011

Aloha Ohana!

kia ora you black maoris!!!! how’s my beautiful family doing today??? awesome as letter man...honest, a great strength to me to continue pressing forward... mum you’ve always been a great example of setting your mind to something and getting it done, no matter the circumstances....proud as of you ae....not easy to work, have a family, and on top of it get good grades...shot mum!! and ash bro I’m all good ae....not like dad and counting my days bro so no worries....focused as ae, really don’t want to end so everyday i take advantage as much as i can to learn and and hori bro good to know you learning from my mistakes bro....honestly bro i was an idiot before the mission....had all my priorities mixed up and i was young and dumb as heck. girls are not the way to go before the mission bro....honestly in our day and time as missionaries bro our calling is more important than you think.... peoples salvation depend on us bro, and they deserve the best teachers and representatives that there are, especially in our world that we live in today. Missionary work requires more now than ever bro, more spirit, more obedience, more well prepared missionaries. We need to be top notch authorized, spirit guided, powerful massagers of Christ. These people deserve and need the best bro, and it’s our responsibility to prepare ourselves to be the best.. Learn and be smarter than i was....i love and want the best for you bro...I’m actually embarrassed hard of the things that i did before the mission and the way i came here..Unprepared and just had no decide now io don’t explain it!!! lol but yeah can’t believe that lias already got banquets and all!!!! lol omg! You look so beautiful lia!!!! for reals ba you sexy dog! hahaha just be a good girl ae lia. But yeah family for me I’m doing good and my companion are getting along better.. learning and growing hard together. i continue to learn heaps and heaps each day...i honestly wow at the things that i learn and am able to recognize and acknowledge more and more each day of the importance of obedience, diligence, patience, charity, hope, and virtue. far as from being perfect, but at least I’m on the right track. This week we have been able to see the lords hand in this got to church yesterday and a member came up to us and told us that she wants us to teach her friend cuz she wants to get baptized!!! Mean ae, as well our investigator christian he is 15 years, is progressing. um we haven’t been able to talk to the mum and we need to ask her for permission to baptize her son and apparently she’s a bit feisty! So excited as for other than that were trying to find new ways and new things we can do to find more people...I had a mean as spiritual experience this past one night we were planning for the following day and we acknowledge that our biggest need at that moment was to find more investigators. As we analyzed our need and our efforts in trying to find more people we noticed an area in which we needed to improve a little to be better. We noticed we needed to have more edified studies to better prepare ourselves to be able to preach, expound, and better exhort others to come unto Christ. as missionaries at times we just fall in to routines and the first thing that suffers is the efficiency and effectiveness of a missionaries study. so the next day, we got up on time, did our exercises on time, and started studying right on the hour, started our comp study right on time, and our language study right on time and we had a great morning. Studied for the needs of the people in which we were going to teach, our own needs and what we need to do to be more effective missionaries and it was just a great morning....before we left the house we ran over our planes and goals and were set on finding someone!!!! we had did our part, we strived to do all we could, and before leaving just asked the lord to work through us to find and recognize those ready to receive the gospel....we left the house and we just went nutz! talked to every single person we saw...didn’t matter if we had already talked to them, old grannies to little kids we just poured our whole soul out to everybody!!!! lol it was 830 at night, rainy and cold and we hadn’t found nobody!!!!! not one single person. we turned down a road i looked at my companion and he was tired, frustrated, and you could just tell wasted ae....we arrived at a door and as the lady came out i told him,,, Payne this is the one it was one of the most spiritual experiences that i have had my whole entire mission. as this lady came out i honestly did nothing but my mouth just started to move, i said things that I’ve never said, the spirit just filled my mouth with the exact things that this lady needed to hear. i don’t even remember what i said and my companion noted that it wasn’t me speaking lol ..But in that very moment we were all moved by the spirit...we knew she had felt it because we had felt it. we set an appointment for tomorrow and hope that everything goes well....but family i know this is the lords work and that he is bound to complete when we do what he say.....he’s bound, has no choice but to bless us when we do our part and this is what i was able to see this day in the rain at this ladies porch. I did my part, prepared myself, and god blessed me with the words necessary to open and touch this ladies heart... was a mean as experience. But yeah that’s us ae...i love this gospel and there’s really no going back. peter, James, and john, saw Jesus Christ, witnessed his miracle, saw in person his true power and after his death returned and went back to their boats and again started to fish. family i really can’t go home after everything that i have experienced here in the mission, after seeing miracles, and witnessing his true power to only RETURN and fish, to only return and do what i was doing before. there’s really no going back....Jesus has called us to be fishers of men!!!! not a part time calling or something temporal but to be and live as a missionary forever! i love this work, truly have learnt my earthly purpose. i love our savior and will strive each and every day to be like i love you guys so much. Keep going hard and one another and strive to better yourselves each day...send my love to all the fams and especially grams. but i gots to go whanau, until next week my beautiful family, with all my love

Elder kanahele kaka

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