Monday, March 14, 2011

Kia ora Familia!!

comoe estan imbeciles!!! lol what up you fellas!!! awesome letter family...good to hear that everything is all i was really worried i know nothing happened but being so far away from you guys and only hearing from everyone telling you that there was a tsunami in Hawaii, this and that just makes everything worse. but yeah way relief for us here we are all good...nothing’s happened and we should be good....but yeah mum don’t worry about the will get here....maybe might take a lil bit more longer but it will get here...piso 3 means the third floor of the building and we are the only missionaries in the whole building so they always end up figuring it out so sweet as...but awesome videos and pics family. lia ounce again is the bomb!! dang girl you just blossoming in all forms there girl! lol and boys the song was three mean ba.......happy anniversary mum and dad...fa getting old ae...hahaha crackup man but im glad you guys liked the letter last week..Good stuff ae....learning heaps here on the mission ae...never going to forget my time spent here in the lords service. well for me everything’s going all right, got some good news and some bad for our good news......we had our baptisms yesterday!!!! we baptized valentina denise rocha palomera, and nayare rocha palomera and it was beautiful ae family...really small baptismal service but the most beautiful spirit ever....i really love them ae....just seeing how the gospel in the little amount of time that we had with them was able to change their lives and make them so much more happier really is worth all the struggles and hardships..but I’ll send you some photos of the baptisms the bad news...well its not bad at all but it sucked hard....we had changes and I’m in a whole other sector with a whole new companion....his name is elder paine...hes from canada and hes awesome and seems like a really good as so well learn heaps together but yeah that’s us..Our house is even worse...the toilets outside and our sink is in the shower! Its small as ugliest and stinkest place I’ve ever seen but will have to do....the only thing that i will not miss from this place...the houses!! lol but our sector is called rosende and we are in the stake of zapadencia. our sector is the small sector of the whole mission so it’s gonna be different....but family there has never been anything harder in my whole entire mission than saying bye to the people that you come to’s like saying bye to your own family.. for reals...i just cried like a baby as i had to say bye to all our members and converts sucked hard...the crappy thing is that I probably will never see them ever again and that very thought is what makes things so much harder. We were just starting to have heaps of success too...we found a family of nine!! Well remember the activity with all those little kids that we had last week? well we printed out the photos of us and the kids and were going by their house to give them the pics and the one of the kids mum answered one of the doors, saw the pic, invited us in and we talked to her...she told us about her huge family, they all came out and joined us and we put them all with a baptismal date!!! Was crazy bah...nine of them, and we also found someone else, a girl who is best friends with the girl that we baptized yesterday who really wants to listen to us. So it was hard as to leave..but least I’ll get to know more people here so I’m excited as about that too...but as i lay in bed last night i was thinking about my whole experience there in los conquistadores and i really had learnt a lot ae....made a lot of lifelong friends and really had strengthen my testimony...never will forget the things that i learnt there...and will always cherish my memories of los conquistadores....

but yeah family, this week in the gym the guy who owns the place told me something that I’ve always known but really hit me.....we were talking and we got around to talking about different exercises and muscles and all that good stuff and i asked him..."ae bro, I’ve lifted for a while and I’ve always had a problem with getting big arms!".....hahaha such a humbling statement but his response is what hit me....he said, " in order to see results, well you need to check your priorites!"..he went on saying...." you come in here and 3 out of 5 days and you bench, the other two days you´ll work shoulders and maybe if your not that tired you decide to do your bicepts!" hahaha what a slap in the face thats what he told me bro...Straight up and it wasn’t the answer i was expecting but it was very true. Many times we work hard, and hard and question ourselves, why can’t i see any results?? i know ive seen it a lot here in the mission...often i find myself getting home exhausted to the very death having knocked a thousand and one doors, having spoken with every single person that i see and still no results...its happens to everybody, that as we have a derised goal, we tend to at times do things that yes are productive but don’t help the cause. Like elder oaks has mentioned we need to forgo some good things in order to receive better or the best results. Starting in a whole new sector this will be my mind set to work miracles in this ward..The lord didn’t send me here to not have success. So like this little chilean man said, let’s all check our priorities to see what are the best things that we can do here and now to achieve our desired results. This week lets prioritize ourselves and forgo those things which are just good and strive to be best...the lord has promised us in alma 26:27 and says, "GO! ....and i will give you success" let’s "GO" hard this week family.
i love you all so much...mum and dad thanks for everything ae...don’t worry about me i am striving daily to do better..Thanks for supporting me and us kids..we love you guys so much...miss you guys like crazy ae...have a great week...let all the whanau know that i love them...hori boy...i love you bro...keep going hard dog...was good talking to you the other day bro...your a good kid bro..awesome example dog..keep it and take care of your little bro and sis...ash and you guys heaps...for reals i miss you guys the most and can’t wait to hear from you guys again..tell gramz that i love her...but my time hears is up family...i love you guys heaps, until next week my lovely family, with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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