Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey family!!!!

what an awesome letter you guys sound and look soooooo good...sole georgie boi you da man bro...fa you got it bro..your dancing is three mean!!! winner!!! hahaha for reals bro was three mean the video...look way good to bro..i feel like a fag now compared to you bro, skinny as now dog!! sweet as though...but your Hawaiian was off the chain bro...good on you homes....and lia.HAPPY BIRTHDAY...dang girl you gettin big!!!! for reals you one beautiful swan now!! you look so grown up and so pretty!!! omg i got a lot of work cut out for me ae when i get won’t be having any boyfriends till your thirty!!! lol na but happy birthday my sweetie....ash bro your getting tall as too bro..fa huge mungral!! shot on the keks little maori. but thanks family was an awesome letter and was great able to hear from you guys again...tell gramz thanks for her letter too and let her know that yes you need to put piso 3 on the package. haha but yeah excited as for the package...thanks ah bulleh....excited to see the videos...gonna be crackup as. As for me I’m all good ae...had a huge activity today cuz its the last week of the transfer and we had a great time ....we went and ate out at a restaurant at the rich end of town and had a great time...for me i still don’t have money but i should be getting some this Tuesday...if not imma start beasting people. but this week was a good as one...our little girls that we are teaching are doing great and should be getting baptized this week...we will have to see if there grandpa has to work or not...cuz he will be the one baptizing them but i hope they get baptize this week so I’m here to see it....we will be having changes next Monday and i really think my time is up so i hope everything goes well for this week....i will have been here for four and a half months by next Monday and am ready for a change hahaha i do love this sector, my companion, and the other two elders but i need a we´ll just have to see what happens. if not then sweet as...but yeah our house is still jacked up and nobodies been over to see it.... um the work is still the same old...a lot of new challenges but so every grateful for them.... but this month I’ll be coming up on 16 months!!!!crazy ae!!! hahaha i so can’t believe it. times has surely past so quickly and it’s not good! lol i was thinking a lot the other day, just about everything you whole mission experience...everything that I’ve gone through, and things i continue to learn day in and day out and just realized how blessed i am. i am so ever grateful for this time the lord has given me to grow and learn for myself....the mission surely has been the best two years for my life! i don’t know if you guys remember haha but i want to share an experience that we all know about, that reflects a lot of how the mission has blessed me and my life..well it goes way back to when we were living in the land of the long white cloud, aotearoa! lol we were living in Melville at the time and despite of the distance needed to travel me and george insisted of going to school with all the cuzzies at the infamous KOROMATUA primary school! haha back in the days ae...well if you all remember every morning we used to wake up kinda early to get ready and mum or dad used to take us to the bus stop. They use to drive us there, drop us off, and leave, and we would wait, get on the bus, and go to school. This we did for a while and soon just became another part of our day to day routine. (here is where the story is still till this very day not settled) well one day according to my memory i remember being dropped off and sitting there for ages and ages before finally realizing that we had missed the bus...what i remember is that we both (george and I)started to cry! lol i was honestly scared ae....scared because we were lost and we didn’t know how to get home! You know mum and dad had taken us from home to this bus stop 1000s of times and we still didn’t know how to get home. Well to make a long story short...we end up following a random lady till we recognized something we knew and eventually we arrived home..the thing that i never will forget is how i felt as ´we ran up to dad at the back porch and hugged him...a sense of warmth, belonging, and love is what i felt that day and i knew that i was home!! why i share this experience family is because this is how my mission has blessed me....growing up in the church mum and dad in a sense have driven us to and from the bus stop our whole know being the great parents they are, they have always stressed the importance of going to church, saying our prayers, reading our scriptures etc. showing us the way to our celestial home from our worldly bus stop here on earth..and I’m not going to lie but for myself growing up i kinda did things just to do them not really taking advantage of familiarizing myself with the route needed to get home. for this very reason family i cherish these two years that i have had to serve our savior Jesus Christ...i remember checking into the mtc the very first day and being scared out of my mind....kinda feeling the very same i did that day as me and geroge sat at that bus stop alone. i felt was the same my very first day i got here in chile,i felt alone, i felt lost! but little by little, day by day i have come to know for myself family the truthfulness of this gospel, the reality of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and why we do what we do....i have come to gain for myself a testimony of basic truths..of faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost and enduring to the end. i have come to know for myself the way back for our heavenly home. Family i know this gospel is true and that as we keep strong and firm on this straight and narrow we will one day be embraced in the arms of our loving heavenly father and know and feel that we are home. mum and dad i love you guys so much...i may have not been the best child ever, i may have not understood everything growing up but i thank you for being consistent in raising us in this gospel. You guys seriously are the, ash, and lia...i love you guys heaps! keep being good kids and do what’s right...strive to learn each day and show your love to all those around you....tell grandma i love her heaps my times running out but just wanted to thank you for all that you guys do to have me here. Keep going hard and I’ll hear from you guys next week. With all my love,

Elder kak√°

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  1. As usual . . . an AWESOME letter! LOVE YOU CONWAY!!