Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey family!!!

Sorry for the delay but we´ve had a busy as day....crazy as i tell you and on top of it all i don’t have any money!! hahaha so i gotta make this short and quick so that my ten cents that i have will be able to be enough to pay for this internet session! lol but family sounds like you guys had a great, and fruitful week...a lot going on ae?? awesome man...keep pushing yourselves and go hard, but it was awesome talking to you fellas the other day..haha for reals was such a good treat...sorry for waking you fellas up but had to do what i had to do you useless buggers...mum answered the phone and was her dumb dongy half asleep self! lol i go hello mum and shes like hi! and i was like mum this is Conway you egg!!! lol full on didn’t even notice!!! Useless bro! hahaha na jokes mum...was good as talking with you guys tho...about the money i should be getting hooked up tomorrow from the office here so i should be good for now....but still send me my card and all as soon as you can ae...oh and something else that i would like for you guys to send is the dvd of the new ha breath of life show!! wes told me that he got it and its crackup as so hook me up with it ae...and some more songs of you fellas singing...fa thanks ae family...well this week has been a good one...our two investigators are progressing just great and their mum is also coming around....nayaret who is fourteen and her little sister valentina who is 11 are two little girls who we are teaching and who give us that feeling of satisfaction that knowing that all the hard work we put in, in the past few months have been worth it. you know working hard day in and day out is hard when you don’t see any results you know and sometimes well most of the time it’s hard to keep going but cases like these two little girls are the reasons why we wake up day after day to do what we do...if we didn’t keep persistent who knows when paola and her two little girls would be receiving the gospel. You gotta see them family they are so awesome and i love visiting them so’s like in spite of all the trials that they have we have given them hope of a better world and you can see how the gospel really has done just that....seeing them progress, seeing them keep their commitments and really understand why, has given them a reason to be better and to keep pushing and they have become truly happy with themselves as a’s been so awesome to have been able to work with them and see them change....but it’s been a good week..And I’m happy i don’t feel like this a lot but i really feel good about everything ae...even though we don’t have outstanding numbers or we didn’t baptized a whole village i feel good with what i was able to give to the lord...Gordon b Hinckley said..."with out hard work nothing grows but weeds" and this is how it’s been for me in my sector for the past 4 months. If you think about it it’s kind of worded weird but makes total sense... as we work hard we stop weeds from growing and we keep our soil weed free and make ourselves worthy of receiving the blessings of the lord.. in the sense of missionary work baptism are gifts and blessing from the lord to us which he gives us if we are worthy enough to receive them...and by working hard and not allowing weeds to grow, we make ourselves worthy of such blessings.....president Hinckley didn’t hard and guarantee you´ll see miracles...he said if you don’t work hard nothing will happen and the "weeds" will grow and take over ... and it’s so true...consistent hard work hasn’t brought us huge miracles but its helped us to have a clean soil...weed free. Ready for the blessings that the lord has for us..And as we´ve consistently worked hard we have kept ourselves prepared for such blessings and fruits of our labors have definitely been seen, moreover felt and way worth it. Family key word is not to only work hard but to "constantly" and "persistently" work hard, in spite of the results. Lets "daily" keep our gardens clean and the lord in his time will bless us. Keep going hard family in all that you matter what happens just work hard ya, But yeah that’s what’s up with us here in los conquistadores! other than that we’ve been knocking heaps of doors hahaha up visiting a lot of members...i lost my wallet the other day...dumb bugger our house is super jacked up now..We pretty much wake up to a flood every morning....our piping in our house is seriously jacked up and nobodies come around to do anything about i confirmed somebody yesterday in church in front of the whole sacrament for my first was pretty nerve racking but it was all good...uh i also gave another talk in sacrament meeting, blessed, passed and taught the lesson!! hahaha crackup ae... but i miss you all so much family...mum and dad i love you guys so much..thanks for all that you do...don’t worry bout me ya...your lil boy is doing good and trying to better himself each day...George ash and lia...i love you guys so each other and look out for each other ya...lift those around you who need help and serve with love always... i miss you little mungrals like the hell! be good kids and represent for the whanau...but my times up send my love to the family...let gramz know that i love her a lot...sorry for rushing but i love you guys with all my heart...thanks for everything that you guys do for me family...keep going hard and we´ll hear from you guys next week ae.... with all my love,

Elder kanahele Kaka

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