Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy valentines!!!

what’s up family?? what an awesome letter ae...sounds like everybody’s doing great and happy! idk what it is but everybody looks so grown up in the photos that you sent me! dang for real’s....ash is tall as...George looks huge! hahaha mean photos bro and lias all grown up and a beautiful swan now! lol i miss you guys so much ae...jealous as ae that i can't be with you guys but its sweet as.....but good you guys got my was getting small kine wasted here having to carry it house to house so I thought id send it home....but yeah a convert gave it to me for my birthday! Mean ae... But yeah family im good!!! hahaha have had along as week and so many things have happened that i don’t even know where to start! lol well we finally found somebody who’s really good and who could progress...well we actually found a few but only two of them have baptismal dates.....there’s a inactive family that we’ve always planned to see but never really got around to seeing them cuz they were always our backup planes and we never really had to go over you know...and we didn’t even know them so it wasn’t like we felt urged to go over...but this week all our plans had fallen through hahaha and we literally had nothing to do! nobody to visit and it was tough ae....mission doesn’t get any harder than that....but we prayed about things and felt that we had to go visit this the next day me and the hondurainian elder actually went over to this house and it was great ae family....the lady who lives there has been a member for like ever and knows everything but fell away cuz her husband’s not a member and hasn’t gone back to church since...which was like 9 years ago...and there hasn’t been anybody! No one person who has visited her since!!!! Crazy ae! so yeah she has a daughter who’s 14 and one that’s 9 and its been amazing....just being able to re inactivate this sister and help her daughters enter in to the waters of baptism....this sister loves us ae....we’ve only know here for one week but where’ve done everything to show her that we love her and she feels it...she trust us and she wants us to help her, so it’s been a miracle being able to find this lady and her family again...we hope that everything goes well with them and that they all can be firm in the church! and that was our highlight of the week.... we’ve also done a lot of planning for that big activity were going to do and its harder than we thought!! hahaha there’s a lot of things involved and just really complicating...the whole money, transportation, and location set ups are killing us but were going to do it!! were all determined to get it done so were all keen ae....but something that i actually wanted to share with you guys that got me thinking a lot this week was something that happened to us in our own Tuesday morning i wake up first and leave our room to go use the toilet and as i step out our room, i stepped into straight up water...i look down and our house is flooded!!!! bahaha our whole living room, bathroom, and kitchen was covered in just straight up it was a crackup as cuz anything on the ground was destroyed! for real’s like i looked around and i saw a few of my undies just floating around...haha was crackup as but yeah so i woke everybody up to clean it and it took us ages!!! like a good 3or 4 hours just to get the water out and spring clean our looks like we had a pipe bust and the whole night water was just exploding out flooding everything we had to cut the water to the sink and still nobody’s come to fix it...but as we were cleaning there was something that i noticed that really grabbed my was that most of the water had flowed to the same part of the room in the living room...yes everything was wet and under water but there was a corner in the room that was like a foot more under water than the rest of the room....and i got to thinking why it was like that? And when you think about it, it’s because water flows where it’s easier to go right? Water goes with the flow and normally goes where its easiest to go! i was thinking about it and there are so many people like this water....they just follow with the crowd, go with the flow and go where its easiest to go! People just do what’s easiest because its obviously more easier and because they don’t need to push themselves. The natural man who is an enemy to good make us want to do what’s easiest.....we run into heaps of people here who are catholic!! 90 percent of cerro navia or the city that we work in is catholic and you ask any one of them how many times they go to church in one year? i swear you not that 80 percent of them will say twice...Christmas and Easter! Its ridicules but its true....then you ask them why they are catholic and they don’t know what to say....and really they’re catholic because it’s easy to be catholic. if i didn’t know anything about god or anything and i had to choose a church going to church twice a year is way easier than every Sunday of the year right, and id obviously choose the catholic church. It’s not a coincidence why 80 percent of this country is’s really sad but its true...and it’s a great tool that Satan uses to attack us. What I’ve come to grasp here on the mission is that this gospel is not easy to live for a reason! being an example can be tough at times, doing what is right always will require courage, and living every gospel principle might require some sacrifice but if it wasn’t like this how would we be able to grow and progress? You can’’s impossible to progress if we do what is easiest to do. Elder Holland said that the things of most value here in this life require the most sacrifice!! and it’s let’s not go with the flow and go where its easiest to go...lets push ourselves constantly, yes we will always have problems, obstacles, road blocks, but don’t let them stop us from pushing. Nephi teaches us, "Wherefore, ye must press forward with steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life. “God promises us eternal life!!! What motive greater than this! Let’s go hard family...i love each and every one of you soooooo much. Truly are my strength to push myself each and every day. There is nothing else that i want from this life than to be together forever as a family! we know what we need to do so let’s go out and do it ae...mum and dad i love you guys so much...thank you for everything that you guys do for us..i have been so blessed to have my best friends be my own you guys so much...keep the family strong ae...George, i love you bro keep helping and loving ash and especially lia..cuz you will definitely regret it when you leave if you don’t a good boy and represent hard dog...ash and lia...take care of each other, love one another, and be patient with each other k....i want you to both know that i love you guys the most...can’t wait to come home and cruz it with you lil fwammies! for real’s...tell gramz that i love her and miss her heaps k. but i love you heaps family...until next week you black Maoris!

Elder Conway kauimua kanahele kaka

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