Monday, September 6, 2010

Whats up family!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes ae...hahaha doesn’t even seem like I’m maybe cuz its still not my birthday yet but yeah getting old as ae...fa i was just thinking about it yesterday and i remember one birthday i had at kamehameha schools and i turned 16!!bahahaha i was in 11 grade and all my mates threw a party for me at school and just being here in chile thinking about that just cracked me up fast the time flies we need to provechar cada momento en que tenemos...por que nunca sabemos cuando nos toca a sorry bout it...just sounds better in spanish and its one of my winner lines that i use all the time! bahahha but yeah family it was so good to hear from all of you guys and the low downs on what you’ve all been doing...the regular busy life of the kaka home awesome man..thats the only way to go family...hard or go home ae...
but yeah for us everything’s been good as ae...still working hard and to be honest time is just flying know that scripture...forgot how it goes in English but it’s something like he who loses his life for my sake shall find it....well yeah that’s just how I’ve been ae for the past few months and its true. here on the mish...bahaha on the mission i mean (sorry bout it mum) i have really seen this scripture come to life for me... idk like looking back at it now, when i first got here you know i was really stressed out....about the language above everything else, how to be a missionary, and i guess you could say that in some degree i was focused on myself you know and everything just seemed to be harder...but idk when it started or how but as i look back at it things started to get easier and come easier when i didn’t worry about my own struggles and problems. its hard as to explain but it’s the most special thing to wake up in the morning thinking of other people, start your day off praying for the needs of other people, studying for other people, and actually visiting these other people and seeing the lord work miracles in their lives through the missionaries. I’ve never been so happier in my even though I’ve left my family, my friends, my comfort zone to go to another country trying to speak another language I’ve never been problems ¨to say¨ which at first seemed so big are nothing. i really can’t express how but that’s how i i love this place. i love the chilean people-even tho half of them hate us, swear at us, slam the door on us...i love them. i love my companion, i love my ward, i love my house...its nowhere near the best but i love this place because i can honestly say that it’s here where I’ve been able to know of our savior Jesus’s here where everything has been taken away from me only to give me the opportunity to truly depend on and understand and come to know of our savior and what he has done for me...I’ve not only been able to experiment it in my own short time here but I’ve seen it work in the lives of others and there is no other reason why I’m here....there is no other motive that pushes me to be better and work harder than to see those of our brothers and sisters around us come to know of this same knowledge. The gospel is true and it’s real. Christ lives and gives us the opportunity to better ourselves daily. i love the mission’s all been the same lately nothing new but I’ve just really come to understand why i am here. At this moment actually we have 4 progressing investigators...a girl named Brenda who lives with her mum. the mum was actually baptized a really long time ago and we found this girl knocking doors so we’ve been able to teach her and reactivate her’s been awesome working with them...they have nothing but are always happy and positive and Brenda has had allot of hard times growing up and in here family so she has had a lot questions and doubts about life and stuff, but she told us this past week that the things that we have taught here have filled a whole within her that she’s had for a very long time and has given her the hope for something better...then she shared us a scripture peter 12:6 and jus teared was one of those times ae can’t really explain it but the spirit was there and we were able to see the peace that she had as she applied the gospel in her it’s been a blessing for us to have taught her and her mum...we are teaching another old lady too and she’s awesome as ae.....she’s a crackup...her names Teresa. She lives alone and a lot of things have happened recently that you know that the lord was preparing her to receive us so we are just working with her. We are trying to help her get baptized on the twenty sixth....and ya we are teaching this other family of three....a mother named scarlet, her son Brian, and her daughter scarlet but is only 7. but this family is also going thru hard times.... the husband and dad of these kids have died and they barley make ends meet every month so its been a blessing having the opportunity to get to know them and teach them....we haven’t really taught them that much but from what we have shared with them you can tell that they got that spiritual hunger and are in need of some healing so we are excited to go by and help them out...but yeah other than that family, I’m good as ae....miss you guys hard but I’m not going to lie other than Monday i really make it an effort not to think about it to much..i pray for you guys night and morning and i use our family as examples in my lessons but other than that i try hard to stay focus....and times just been flying... it’s been hard but just an awesome time....might as well make the best of the situations that you are in right!? hahahaha but yeah i do love you guys with every morsel of my heart....I’m representing hard. i love you mum and had me crying like a baby reading your letters today...I’ve been a good boy ae...hahaha I’ve had an even better family that’s why....but george ash and lia...i love you guys...i don’t have much more time to write but i just wanted to tell you little buggers that i love all make me proud.. go hard in all that you do and make mum and dad even prouder parents... love you siblings. Send my love to gramz to and tell her that I’ve started to receive her letters again!! bahahaha but i love you whanau...let’s have a good week.. but ill hear from you guys next Monday ae... with all my love,

Elder kaka kanahele

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